Ana de Armas Reveals the "Horrible" Part of Ben Affleck Relationship

Affleck and De Armas split in early 2021 and have both moved on to new relationships

While neither has spoken much publicly about their romance, the Knives  Out actress talked about it in an interview with Elle, including what  was horrible about dating Affleck.

In the year that Deep Water was finally released, de Armas and Affleck  were dating. They were frequently photographed together in 2020

Elle de Armas for a new profile describes what it was like to be  photographed so often and have so much attention paid to her personal  life. The star responded, "Horrible.".

However, she said that living it forced her to change her surroundings.

De Armas now lives in New York City, where she prefers to live

Her experience with Affleck confirmed the impression she already had of Los Angeles.

Her own experience confirmed her thoughts, "This isn't the place for me," she said.

She did not just move on to a new city, she also moved on to a new relationship.

For Affleck, he reunited with ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez in spring of 2021, and the two became engaged in April of 2022.