Amber Portwood moves to California after losing custody of her son James.

By Aravind

An Indiana judge ruled that James Andrew will relocate to California with his father.

After a difficult & continuous custody fight between the Single Mom star, 32, & her father

...and her ex, Andrew Glennon, a Portwood indicative confirms to PEOPLE.

"Amber is taken aback by the court's order," a source tells The people.

"She adores her son  and has always strived to be the perfect mom she can be for him.

She's not perfect, and this was a very dramatic event."

According to the source, Amber is presently "considering what options

...she has to battle this" and is frustrated with how far she's come.

"She's still going to receive treatment to improve herself and has done so for 3 years straight," the source says.

Glennon did not respond to requests for comment for remark from PEOPLE.