Oops! Movie star Cranston struck by liner at All-Star celeb softball

Bryan Cranston wished to obtain a hit at Dodger Stadium while the All-Star prominence Softball game was going on.

In lieu, the "Breaking Bad" star was smacked.

Cranston was hit in the right-hand side by a line drive off the bat of...

...Grammy Awardee Anthony Ramos in the batting practice outside of the ballpark on Saturday night.

Cranston, 66, magnified over for a few moments before walking to his nearby trailer.

Hunter Pence, a former San Francisco Giants star, hit two home runs for Brooklyn and was booed repeatedly by the Los Angeles crowd.

Cranston has appeared in a number of games for the Triple-A Isotopes.

On July 30, he and "Breaking Bad" colleague Aaron Paul will throw out the official first pitch.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be held at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday.