August 4, 2020

Top 5 Advantages Of Having Dedicated IP Addresses In 2020

Top 5 Advantages Of Having Dedicated IP Addresses In 2020

It is essential to understand the advantages of having a dedicated IP address, but let’s start with understanding what an IP address is. IP stands for Internet Protocol and is described as a unique address, a number that is given to an individual computer. It is connected to the internet for the information to come directly to you or your email/to be sent out to the right destination.

The Internet Protocol is liable for tending to, conveying, and directing your online requests accurately. It links an “electronic return address” to all your online solicitations and action for you. For this connection, it uses the Ip address. Additionally, your IP address doesn’t remain the same. It changes every time you change your location or do something as simple as turning your router off and on.

There are two types of IP addresses – Shared and Dedicated. Multiple websites on one web server use a shared IP address, so one is sharing the IP address with potentially hundreds of users with various domains. On the other hand, a dedicated IP address is only assigned to one site, and you can utilize this IP address or the domain name of your website to get to it from the internet.

Many companies share their safe and secure IP address, taken via, when they have a small budget or their email sending volume is less. However, the downside is that you share the IP address and with everything else, For example – reputation. There are many reasons as to why a dedicated IP address is recommended, some of which are:

Improved Business Identity

For online shopping platforms, the aim is to have individuals purchase items through your site. It is essential to have a website that can encode and ensure your client’s data is safe when they make payments on your site. When you visit a place that has an application layer protocol in the name of “https://,” it means the website isn’t secure.

Therefore, any data you submit heads out from your PC straight to the website without being encrypted, which leaves the data defenseless. On the off chance that you are visiting a site that has an application layer protocol in the name of “https://, “you are using a website that will encrypt any information to and from the site to your PC so your data cannot be misused. To get an SSL endorsement for the required safety, a dedicated IP is a must.

Higher Server Control

With a dedicated IP address, you have more significant access and control of the server to get to. Rather than just depending on a tool like cPanel to deal with your server, you’ll have the option to deal with it directly, transfer documents, make a file-sharing server, and much more. For the most part, if ever you need a higher degree of server control and customization, you additionally will be connecting your dedicated IP address with a dedicated server too. To maximize your server condition, you’ll need to utilize a dedicated server also. It’ll be tough to open this degree of customization while using a shared server.

Improve Email Exchange

When you’re using a shared IP address, on many occasions, you can face an email issue – email deliverability. This can happen when the other users on the same IP address are sending a high volume of emails landing themselves as spam emails. This, in turn, could also classify your emails as the same, so your emails will not go to the inbox.

With a dedicated IP, you’re the main person who will be sending messages through this IP address. This can be an excellent method to protect yourself againstIP Blacklisting, secure your notoriety while guaranteeing that your words go where they should.

Direct FTP Access

Many users require high levels of website access, transferring multiple files and directories and separate downloads as well as control and data connections. Instead of having to provide a server address etc. to log in repeatedly, you can open an FTP connection to a remote system. If this is something you do daily, the benefits of having direct FTP access are many. It is also possible for users to access files through FTP without them having to give any identification. For website owners who require these features, a dedicated IP is a must-have.

Required By A Few Applications

If you’re running any custom programming on your server or your site requires specific contents and applications to run, at that point, you may need a devoted IP address. A few sorts of server programming will need a dedicated IP to work appropriately. In case you’re utilizing a standard IP address, the page may reload while the content is as yet running. This will make the content glitch, and your site or server probably won’t work appropriately.

If you are looking to improve speed, security, and require direct access to your server, then you should consider upgrading to a dedicated IP address.

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