June 5, 2023

Top 12 Best Sites like LiveLeak Alternatives

Present day several people use video-sharing platforms. Because they are watching whole worldwide Funny videos, music, and viral videos. This kind of information provides. LiveLeak is one of the best platforms. This LiveLeak is a video-sharing platform. Here users have the option to upload videos and share them among their contacts.

This LiveLeak website is perfect for you to constantly view videos, news, and other entertaining content. World issues, politics, and much more are new insights on significant events that you could also access the platform to get.

LiveLeak is not the only platform that provides this kind of service. Several other platforms provide same similar services. In this article here are 12 top sites like LiveLeak to give you the same fun.

1. Break

I did first choose Break as one of the alternatives to LiveLeak. It is a widely used platform for hosting and sharing videos. You are catering to a diverse range of content for your enjoyment.

This platform primarily emphasizes humorous videos. As well as it also provides a collection of funny pictures. Moreover, you could explore numerous categories of amusing videos, including pranks. As well as you can explore numerous peculiarities, animals, absurdities, scientific curiosities, and so on. You have the opportunity to delve into their extensive archive, spanning so many years.

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2. Flickr

I’m certain that all of you are familiar with this particular video and image hosting platform. While this website gains more popularity for its exceptional photo hosting service. I assure you that its diverse content will not disappoint. It is necessary to register on the site before proceeding. In addition to hosting videos created by viewers. You can efficiently manage your own media files here.

Flickr can also serve as a social media platform. It is providing you with the ability to browse videos and photos without requiring an account. On this website uploading content is only possible through a registered account. As well as you have the option to upgrade to premium features. It comes at a cost.

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3. Metacafe

This Metacafe site works exactly like LiveLeak. So, hence fits perfectly into this category of sites like LiveLeak too. There is a variety of categories of videos to check out like comedy, sports, science, video games, entertainment, how, etc.

You will probably never get tired. Because watching their content as new ones are added on an everyday basis. There are choices like the latest, popular, and trending videos. These further simplify it to explore the site.

You can watch the videos without signing up. But for uploading on the site. You should be going to need to register here. You could also use the Android app of Metacafe if you want. As there is no restriction on content on the site. You can watch all types of videos out here.

Official Website:


4. D Tube

This D Tube site is the best alternative to the LiveLeak site. The D Tube has adopted the visual style of YouTube. It has gained popularity. This website has the distinctive feature of allowing explicit content on the main display. It didn’t constrain in any way. So, more gorgeous videos are overflowing D Tube. It is one of the well-known and respected websites similar to Liveleak. It demands a login to see videos.

This D Tube platform is a decentralized Platform. It is the best quality. More importantly, this site uses the Steem blockchain. It pays out prizes in cryptocurrency. These days, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity.

Official website:


5. Ebaums World

If you have a taste for a wide range of horrifying movie content. The ultimate destination for you is the renowned website, Ebaum’s World. This well-known platform provides an array of videos that encompass various themes.

Ebaum’s World’s video section never fails to surprise. It is making every visit a delightful experience. While indulging in these captivating NSFW videos categorized under the NSFW label it is advised to exercise caution. If you derive pleasure from watching videos that are hilariously unpredictable, startling, or chilling. You could never make a wrong choice by exploring the Ebaum’s World website.

Official website:


6. EngageMedia

This EngageMedia is a through the effective use of media and technology non-profit website dedicated to promoting freedom of expression and advocating for human rights. It works as an open video-sharing platform that competes with Liveleak. In the years following its initial launch. This EngageMedia website announced a partnership with Canadian TV. It is furthering the cause of social justice and democracy in media. As well as it is continuing its progress to this day.

Same as other video-sharing websites. This website requires users to register before they can submit and distribute videos. This platform is compatible with various devices. Including desktop computers as well as Android and iOS mobile Phones.

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7. Xfinity

This Xfinity is another website similar to LiveLeak. The initial scene sets the tone for what is to come. It is acting as a prelude to the subsequent content. These videos might be mildly surprising. It possibly caused a stir among the more conservative individuals. If you’re looking for something along the lines of an aggressive dog, America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern locking lips with Matt Lauer, or any other captivating spectacle, where would you turn?

Imagine scenarios like being bitten by a rattlesnake or witnessing Gisele Bundchen revealing her bra at a star-studded event! In an audio recording aired during Hurricane Harvey, a person referred to as Savior remarked, “Civilians in Texas are taking aiming at intruders or possibly just looters. God bless Texas.”

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8. ItemFix

This ItemFix site similar to LiveLeak is a video-sharing site developed for video lovers. It is available in the English language. You could also watch, upload, and share content like videos through this site with this platform.

On this website, the majority of videos are about random things people do and problems within a country. The site is straightforward to navigate. As well as this website is very easy to understand. It is very fast. It is each video loads at a reasonable speed when it comes to navigation.

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9. My Vidster

The My Vidster website best alternative to Liveleak. This platform is for social video hosting and sharing, enabling users to watch videos uploaded by others. This platform also provides the option to curate personal collections of videos and share them with others.

On this website, you have the opportunity to explore video collections curated by fellow users. With its emphasis on fostering a positive streaming environment. This website has garnered considerable attention over the years. Most importantly, thanks to its vast array of videos. It serves as an excellent alternative to Liveleak.

Official website:


10. Veoh

If you’re looking for a platform that provides a plethora of captivating and top-notch movies. Veoh is worth considering. This website offers a broader selection of categories to keep you thoroughly entertained. Veoh is different types provided with genres ranging from horror and comedy to anime and adventure.

Just like YouTube, you could stream online videos from the web on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod through this website. However, unlike YouTube which primarily hosts video clips, Veoh allows fans to indulge in full-length TV shows and complete episodes of their favorite series. As well as enjoy feature-length films. The expansive content available on the website is apart from YouTube’s video clip-centric approach.

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11. OMG News

This OMG News and Insane both prioritize the debate and viral movies. A video featuring a scientist unable to question established theories and a warning to parents about their kid’s exposure to disturbing videos further support this effort.

Additionally, viewers are reminded that tiny sea creatures can engulf them entirely. These aim to shock and amaze them enough to share significant content on social media. If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories or controversial videos. It is the perfect platform for you. The OMG News offers a wonderful list of top YouTube videos to channel your anger.

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12. AOL Video

Are you looking for websites offering a tonne of videos in one place, like Liveleak and YouTube? The best website is AOL Video. You can watch various videos on AOL Video without needing to register. This website its outstanding features and an extensive video library. This LiveLeak-like website is another well-known platform for sharing movies. On this page, you can also access the earlier videos. They do not only host their videos on the internet. As well as they also host videos from other websites.

This arranges the movies by your preferences. As well as provides a wide range of options, including My Queue, Explore Shows, and so on. The videos are organized in chronological. As well as group format; relevant and comparable videos are grouped. This website encourages them to visit the AOL video website frequently. Users may use this platform easily thanks to this feature.

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LiveLeak FAQ

Q. Is the LiveLeak a free Alternative using safe?

A: This LiveLeak alternative is very safe.

Q: Is Break a free streaming website?

A: This Break website is a free streaming website.

Q. Which is the best alternative in this LiveLeak?

A: The Break is the best alternative in this LiveLeak.


This LiveLeak stands out as a distinctive platform for streaming videos. It offers users authentic recordings of significant historical moments. Despite occasional controversies arising from the sensitive nature of certain content. This website persevered in its dedication to fostering transparency and presenting unbiased perspectives on various critical matters. If you have any doubts or wish to share your experience with us. Please message us in the comment box below. We will be waiting forward to be helping you.

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