December 20, 2019

Top 10 List of best free sports streaming sites.

No matter the time of the day or season, there is always something nice and inviting going on in the world of sports; it could be your favorite team slogging it out with a rival team or it could be an event you just want to keep abreast of. It helps to stay on top of things and up-to-date with the trend. If you have been in search of sports streaming sites, we are here to help you precisely with that, to help you identify sites to watch sports online with live streaming capability and functionality to give you a great experience of live sports online.

If free live sports streaming is your thing, then look no further, we have researched, reviewed and put this article together with valuable ‘Intel’ on sites that gives you the ability to watch live sports channel free online. So, whether you are a football fan or enthusiast going for the best/free Football streaming sites, or you are on the lookout for free NFL streaming sites, our compilation of the Top 10 List of best free sports streaming sites, will serve your needs just right.

The List of free sports streaming sites

1. Loala1


Laola1 is a sports infotainment site that offers its users a great streaming experience through its offering of live sporting events, of all kinds imaginable. It features live sports such as basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, baseball, football, handball, table tennis, motorsports, etc. These events are from all around the globe and cuts across professional and amateur classifications, etc. Laola1 also maintains a large partner base of several TV stations that broadens its reach.

It provides schedules of upcoming sporting events to keep users well informed. Its basic service is free, but also offers a premium service based on paid or membership terms. Laola1 offers portal and language choices of Austrian, German and International (English). The language options are limited, as it only provides three languages for users.

Official website:

2. Vipbox sports

Vipbox Sports is a one-stop-shop for live sports streaming service and experience. It packs a whole lot of sports, such as cricket, water sport, boxing, football, American-football, table tennis, motorsports, formula 1, WWE, etc. It also offers live TV channels and TV shows, which is really great. The website user-interface is well thought out, as it gives the user the ability to quickly identify live sporting events by a click of a single ‘games live online’ button.

It gives users the ability to bookmark sports events and schedules. It offers users UK TV stations and US TV stations as well. a pop-up ad screen emerges when a live event is clicked on to be watched.

Official website:

3. Fox Sports

Fox sport is a member of the well-known US media giant, which is dedicated to sports and all things sports (games, reporting, and events). Fox sports as part of its broader market and electronic media reach, offers complementary love and online streaming of sporting events to its users and public in general. The site is top-notch and covers all types of sports, baseball, ice-hockey, American-football (NFL), basketball, tennis, soccer, motorsports, boxing, etc. Viewing sports events is made easy as the site provides great user experience, commentaries, and analysis.

There is nothing short of what to expect from a major media giant, it’s all you imagined and more. The site offers a superb user interface and HD quality viewing. The website offers a Mobile App and Web access.

Official website:

4. ESPN Sports

ESPN sports is a household name and a global brand that has endured for decades and endeared to a global audience. Its sports streaming service is a huge success and it covers all types of sports from within the US and from around the globe. You can expect to be served live streaming, live sports and games such as baseball, rugby, basketball, soccer, and the list are endless. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find it’s covered by this media behemoth. ESPN is arguably the leader in sports, sports reporting, and sports analysis, and provides mobile, TV and online streaming options for users. ESPN stays ahead of the curve.

The streaming service and user interface are ‘grade A’ quality, with HD content, access schedules, and sporting activities. It offers Mobile App and Mobile device access and support.

Official website:

5. Sportlemons

Sportlemons is a low-graphic site that is not focused on colors but on the unfailing reliability of its live streaming service, which offers multiple streaming links to users to ensure the uptime of their service. With Sportlemons you are guarantee to find the sport type, game and event that you seek; football, boxing, motorsports, golf, tennis, etc. Navigating the website is simple and right on the home page a compilation of active and live sports/games is provided to simplify access.

Simple interface and a great utility. It offers a vast range of sports and games. The site provides multiple streaming links and servers that ensure uptime and latency. ad runs on the site, but does not impair or impede neither viewing nor anything.

Official website:

6. Live TV sx provide a compelling service that is all-encompassing in nature, offering live streaming of sports and games, as well as live score, results, betting and fan club, amongst others. Streaming services cover soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, racing, and major sporting events such as the Olympics, etc. also provides sporting-related information, sports news and league tables for soccer and all other sports. The website is fully loaded with a list of love games, schedules, and upcoming events, etc. It’s easy to navigate the site and locate sporting events of interest. The streaming video quality is impressive and of HD quality.

Offers a full compendium of sports and sports-related services. Provides wide coverage of live games and live sports event. Maintain an archive of sports videos. a functional site with no real cons to it.

Official website:

7. Bosscast

Bosscast offers a really unique approach to live streaming of sporting game and events, by relying on typical cable or satellite TV channels, and relaying their transmission through live and online streaming, which gives access to users through any device of choice, as long at its got internet connection. The regular TV channels featured on Bosscast include ESPN, EuroSports, EuroSports2, Foxsports, etc. Once any of these is clicked a gamut of online channel links shows up to pick from, in order to start streaming a sports event.

This site aggregates and pools all major and conventional sports stations together and makes the specific sport/game available online through live streaming on their platform. It has ad pop-ups that show up when an initial click is made on any item.

Official website:

8. Fromhot Sports

Fromhot Sports is a great resource for streaming live sports events and games. The website features a really simple design and displays a classification of sport TV channels from 1 all the way to 7, allowing users to pick any. It displays a long list of live sports games that makes accessibility of games pretty easy. Sports that can be streamed live include; soccer, baseball, tennis, hockey, boxing, golf, etc. Featured sports are from around the globe.

The site offers a great lineup of live sporting games, easily accessible and multiple viewing online channels. the site is overly simplistic and not many graphics, but again that could be due to the need to make it accessible even to users with low bandwidth.

Official website:

9. Hotstar

Hotstar is a multipurpose content provider that delivers live sports streaming, live TV streaming, live movie streaming and live news streaming for users. It’s a highly intuitive site and loads of sports events and links to get you right into the action. The graphic and multimedia contents of the site are of HD class and experience. Sports and games available for streaming include; badminton, soccer, wrestling, baseball, basketball, cricket and everything in- between. All sporting activities and games from several leagues, and countries are featured.

Offers both free and paid premium service, along with membership registration. The site features a wide range of sports and sporting events for live streaming. Top class picture quality in HD.

Official website:

10. Ultra Sports TV

UltraSports TV is a top grade live sports streaming platform for all kinds of sports, such as Football, Live score, tennis, NFL, hockey, motorsports, etc. Live games and events are accorded a separate page, allowing access to a range of games for live streaming. The website is carefully and functionally crafted to give optimal service and ensure a hitch-free viewing experience for users. Offers free service, a membership registration, and premium service as well. The latest news and articles are available for users to stay up to date.

It offers distinct tabs and buttons that are easy to locate and give users unfettered access to the content and live field that they seek. Major football leagues, as well as everyday sporting games and events from different countries, are available for live streaming.

Official website:


We sure hope that our compilation and analysis of the Top 10 List of best free sports streaming sites has provided you with useful information, and that you are now well informed to make appropriate choice(s). From the lot, you can gain access to watch sports online and enjoy live streaming.

It makes a world of difference to be part of a live event, as opposed to watching the same even when all the hype and thrill has died down, so to be engrossed and immersed in the feeling of been part of watching a sports/game no matter where you are, we recommend you watch a live sport online and try the experience of free live sports streaming.

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