December 17, 2021

Things that make Beas Kund trek an eye-catching one

Are you seeking a short and sweet breather in the mountains that’s easy to navigate? That sounds like a double distinction! Well, here is a trek that’s just that. It is called the Beas Kund Trek and takes you to the most exquisite panorama of the Indian Himalayas.

The Beas Kund Trek is one of the easiest trekking routes in Manali. It is also one of the shortest one day treks in Manali.

What are the other attractions that make this trek so bewitching? Let’s explore together through this blog!

About theBeas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek takes you to the source of the Beas River, the ever effervescent waterbody that courses along with the state of Himachal Pradesh. Beas Kund is one of the best treks in Manali that enthralls tourists with a painting-like landscape in its entirety. The Himalayan exploit advances through the most exotic vegetation; trekkers can pluck fruits while traversing their journey and also watch shepherds graze their cattle in the undulating grasslands. This picture-perfect scene will remind you of a romantic movie!

The best time to embark on this beautiful jaunt is from mid-May to September; the weather is the most favorable for a pleasant outdoor experience. Beas Kund temperature in these months fluctuates between 20° in the daytime to 3 to 4° during the nighttime. The skies are clear and the landscape offers sublime views much to the pleasure of shutterbugs.

Let’s take a quick overview of the short and sweet Beas Kund trekking trail-

Manali- Solang Valley- Dhundhi- Bakharthatch- Beas Kund Lake

Note: One can also reach the Dhundhi village via a motorable road if one chooses to avoid trekking from Manali. This way you can even cover the trek in 1 day (from Dhundhi to Dhundhi).

Attractions of the Beas Kund Trek

Though the entire route of the Beas Kund trek is a paradisiacal journey, the following ultra selling points make this expedition an unforgettable experience-

  • Proximity to Manali- The start point of the trek is Manali, which is a destination in itself. With its European-like character, Manali is the hub for tourists who want to rejuvenate in the mountains or want to explore the nearby Himalayan trekking trails. Tourists or trekkers can also pay obeisance at the famous Vashisht temple near Manali. The temple is a famous tourist spot with hot water springs that have a therapeutic value. There are hippie villages, cool cafes, Hadimba Temple, Roerich Art Gallery, and many more attractions in Manali and its vicinity.
  • The high altitude lake- The prime attraction of the trek is the Beas Kund Lake, also called Vyas Kund. This glacier-fed lake is royally nestled at an altitude of 12,772 feet. Beas Kund lake is the origin of the gushing river Beas and a sight to behold. This 1000-year old lake enjoys an important role in the Hindu epic Mahabharata; it is believed that the revered Rishi Vyas, the author of Mahabharata, meditated and took bath on the banks of the lake. That explains the name Vyas Kund or Vyas Lake.
  • Splendid views of the Himalayan ranges- The trekkers get enticing glimpses of the Pir Panjal range and Dhauladhar range. The close-up sightings of the Friendship Peak, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba- the three imposing peaks near Manali- are the added perks of this trekking route.
  • Unending views of the rolling grasslands- Bakharthatch is an expansive meadow flanked by the imposing Himalayan summits. The high altitude campsite at Bakhar thatch is like canvas-painted scenery and offers a glittering stopover to the fatigued trekkers under a shimmering night sky. Another campsite, Bhoj Patra, is equally magical as it abounds in Bhoj(birch) trees. These grasslands are not only picturesque, they also abound in exotic varieties of wild flowers and plants. There is an array of therapeutic herbs, wild blossoms, and rare Himalayan fauna, much to the amusement of botanical enthusiasts.
  • Weather Observatory- There is a weather observatory at Dhundhi, the last village of the Solang Valley. The weather observatory is instrumental in predicting the unpredictable weather conditions like snow, rain, and avalanches.
  • Himachali villages- The quaint hamlets perched along the hilltops give a sneak peek into the rustic lifestyle of the local populace. One can’t help but marvel at the generous hospitality of the locals who have an ever welcoming disposition for tourists and trekkers. In these villages, one can also explore the unique Himachali culture and heritage.
  • Solang Valley and Manu Temple- Solang Valley is an exquisite jewel near Manali that beckons tourists all over the year. Solang Valley is a hub of activity and boasts of one of the finest skiing slopes in the country. One can also participate in paragliding, zorbing, zip lining, horse riding, Gondola rides, and many other adventure sports at the valley. Manu Temple, a place of worship dedicated to Manu Rishi, is another important highlight of the Beas Kund Trek route. According to mythology, Manu Rishi is believed to be the creator of the human race.
  • Idyllic campsites- The spectacular campsites add a glittering touch to this already majestic trekking trail. It is a memorable experience as trekkers perch their camps beside the bubbly Beas River and also cherish the glittering night sky bedecked with silver stars.
  • Trek grade level- The Beas Kund Trek is of moderate to easy grade level. Even beginners or amateur trekkers with good fitness levels can embark on this Himalayan expedition with ease. If you are planning your expedition on beas kund trek solo or with a group, you can consider both options.
  • The Short duration of the trek- The trek is not only a treasure of mesmeric Himalayan panorama but also a short one that can be done in just three days. Beas kund trek distance of 47 km makes for an ideal weekend escapade for someone seeking a quick unwind in the mountains.

In a nutshell, the Beas Kund Trek has a story to unfold at every step. As you trek along the refreshing route, the mysteries unravel and expose you to the most riveting grandeur of the Himalayas. One has to witness this effortless yet bewitching excursion to believe the magic!

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