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Will Smith's new life after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars

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Actor opted for therapy to manage stress. Since the incident he has not seen in public; just occasional appearances,  nothing official.

But now it's apparent what Will Smith is doing as he checked himself into a luxury rehab clinic to learn how to manage stress.

A source consulted by US Weekly uncovered the excursion was a "family is on a simple holiday" that is already planned.

"There had been discussion of dropping it, yet Jada [Pinkett Smith] urged," the source added.

Smith "has been going to therapy after the Oscar incident,"

Where he stormed onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock for a joke played on his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Presently they are joined by tireless rumors that their marriage has come to break up.

"There were issues between them for a really long time, however presently they barely speak to one another. The pressures between them have been substantial, source told.

His productions were immediately halted and he was banned from not appearing at Oscars for ten years.

But that's not all. It has just recently revealed that Apple is pushed its next film with Smith to 2023.

Chris Rock jokes about Will Smith's slap

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