Will Smith should return his Oscar, academy member says

Earlier, Smith has been hit with a 10-year ban from The Oscars, following the incident of Chris Rock at the ceremony held two weeks ago.

Harry Lennix doesn't think the punishment was severe enough

He has even called for Will Smith to return the Best Actor prize he won for his performance in 'King Richard'.

Lennix is a member of the Motion Picture Academy and Television Academy and is best known for for his roles in 'The Five Heartbeats', 'Dollhouse', and 'Man of Steel'.

Harry Lennix called the King Richard actor’s 10 year Oscar ban a “toothless penalty” and ...

...compared his action of slapping Chris Rock over a GI Jane joke “an extended time out for a playground bully.
 that “lays bare the shallowness of Hollywood morals”.

Rock was presenting the award for Best Documentary when he made a joke about the appearance of Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

At this point, the only person who can redeem the integrity of the Oscars is Smith himself. He needs to come to grips with the gravity...

...of the offense he committed.
Smith needs to express-mail his golden trophy back to the Academy.

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