Why David Archuleta returned to the ‘Idol’ stage

David James Archuleta is an American pop singer. He contested the 7th season of American Idol in 2008.

14 years ago, four fans went viral for their emotional reactions to Archuleta’s loss on ‘American Idol’

Recuperating from recent vocal surgery, Archuleta backpedaled on "American Idol" to astound four of his fanatic fans.

They went viral for their emotional reactions when the show revealed he had lost to David Cook in 2008.

In the clip that went viral, the four fans go from eager anticipation to screaming in despair.

...to sobbing in defeat as host Ryan Seacrest reveals Archuleta’s loss.

Presently, the vocalist at long last got to meet those fans face to face, astounding the four ladies on "The Great Idol Reunion,"

The show indicates the 20th anniversary of “American Idol” that aired earlier this week.

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