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Wack 100 Claims He Has Gay S*x Tape

Wack 100 Under fire for Claiming He's in Possession Of Gay S8x Tape Featuring Nipsey Hussle.

Wack 100 has once again found himself at the center of controversy.

On Tuesday (April 19), podcast host Hassan Campbell played a recording of the veteran music manager discussing a s8x tape allegedly involving the late Nipsey Hussle.

Campbell said he only knows about the tape because he overheard Nipsey’s former manager Big U and Wack 100 speaking about it out on a three-way call they didn’t realize he was on.

He also alleged Big U and Wack 100 tried to use the tape to extort London for 30 percent of Nip’s estate.

In the recording, Wack 100 talked about how Nipsey was “fuckin’ with a n-gga” and claimed he was “saving his career.” He added

After the clip was reposted to The Neighborhood Talk‘s Instagram account, comments poured in shaming Wack 100 over the allegations.

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