Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's Relationship Timeline

Dating rumors begin after Lively is spotted at Reynolds’s Apartment.

October 2011

Sept. 2012

On September 10, Lively and Reynolds pull off their secret ceremony

 For the first time, Pregnancy Lively mentions the idea of having kids.

Sept. 2014

January 2015

Gaver birth to daugter , James

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The couple’s second daughter, Inez, is born.

Sept. 2016

October 2017

Ryan reynolds reveals that Mutual trolling keeps their relationship fresh and a live.

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March 2018

Rumors of divorce start to swirl, but Reynolds shuts them down 

May 2019

On May 2, the couple announces third child on the red carpet for the Detective Pikachu premiere.

october 2019

The world learns Lively had given birth to the couple’s third child

july 2021 

Couple celebrates 10th anniversary of their first date.

May 2022

Couple served as co-chairs of the 2022 Met Gala alongside Regina King and Lin-Manuel Mirand.


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