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Panthers Unlikely to Trade Baker Mayfield

The Panthers are not expected to trade for Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield before the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday

Carolina has long been seen as one of the likely destinations for Mayfield if he were to be traded away from the Browns as most expect.

However, this report from Rapoport suggests 
that Carolina may not be in the mix for Mayfield after all.

There’s also a question as to whether or not the Panthers will even draft a quarterback with the No. 6 pick on Thursday night.

If it’s not the Panthers, then who will be the team for Mayfield? After the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, reports indicated that Mayfield had his eyes set on a trade to the Colts.

It will be interesting to see what happens next for Mayfield, as it is looking increasingly more likely that he will remain with the Browns through the NFL draft.

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