Mike Tyson repeatedly punches a passenger

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A flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida was disrupted after former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson assaulted a fellow passenger, a video appears to show.

In the video, Tyson is seen leaning over his seat as he repeatedly lands punches to the unidentified man's head.

Another person tries to push Tyson off the man. The beating lasts for a few seconds.

According to TMZ, prior to the assault, Tyson had agreed to take a picture with the passenger at the beginning of the flight on Wednesday

But the "overly excited" man continued to bother the former boxer during the flight, despite requests from Tyson to "chill."

The video shows the passenger's forehead, which appears to be bloodied as a result of the punches.

"My life is my family life," he said at the time "I don't have no life outside of that. I don't have no night life, that's over."