Matthew McConaughey Pleads to End Gun Violence

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Matthew McConaughey, an actor from Uvalde, Texas, spoke Tuesday at the White House press briefing in support of gun legislation.

He suggests that the new rules should include the minimum age for purchases of AR-15s and background checks.

Afterward, he described his horror at losing 19 schoolchildren in his hometown to a man wielding a rifle with such high power..

...that many of their bodies went beyond recognition.

By describing the horrors of gun violence in graphic detail, he cast himself as a voice of responsible gun owners.

The children weren't simply dead, but hollow as well, as McConaughey described his sarrow.

It was one of the deadliest attacks on a school in history. he demanded it should not happen again.

So far 200 mass shootings were recorded in the USA. The Government is discussing the negotiations of the
 gun reform.

He repeatedly stressed the need for "responsible gun ownership," including new regulations

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