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Marlon Wayans Says About Will Smith's Slap

Marlon Wayans Says Will Smith's Slap Put More Attention On Jada Pinkett smith.

..Than Chris Rock: 'You Put Your Wife’s Name In Everybody’s Mouth'

Marlon Wayans isn't done speaking on Will Smith's controversial encounter with Chris Rock..

We do jokes, that’s what we do. You don’t go to a comedy show and be mad when they tell you jokes, that’s what you there for.

I think people in they right mind know better, I don’t think people gonna go, ‘I’m gonna get up and slap you.’”

“I was like, ‘Hey brother you may want to go get you about three hours of therapy,’” he recalled telling Smith.

Marlon Wayans shared that he initially thought the slap Will Smith gave Chris Rock was fake.

 Following the incident, Wayans reached out to Rock to ensure the comedian was okay.

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