Legacy of Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilly recently
passed away at the
age of 86. until recently he has been performing well.

Heading 2

Gilly was a well-renowned country music legend. known for his work at "Urban Cowboy".

Mickey's career soared
to fame in the 1980s
where Urbany Cowboy became a huge hit.

During his long career spanning 7 decades , he recorded so many
evergreen hits.

Songs such as room full of roses and stand by me are adorned by fans worldwide even today.

Overall, he had 39 Top 10 country hits and 17 No. 1 songs.

He received six Academy of Country Music Awards. A star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

He also played a cameo on “Murder She Wrote,” “The Fall Guy,” “Fantasy Island” and “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

Mickey Gilly survived by
his wife and four children at the time of his death.