Karim Benzema Carries Real Madrid Over ...

Karim Benzema surprisingly created this series of hat-tricks in the Champions League when Real Madrid defeated Chelsea 3: 1 in the first quarter-final match of the Champions League

Benzema Treble saw Madrid remarkably lose to Paris Saint-Germain in the final round and he returned to his best of his best on Stamford Bridge

The 34-year-old used the perfect combination of strength and direction to Vinicius Junior's center to defeat Edouard Mendy in..

..the 21st minute and then chase Thiag Silva and Andreas Christensen around the center of Luka Modrica around the corner

Kai Havertz changed Jorgin's center five minutes before the break to reduce the delay,

but Mendy's terrible mistake within a minute from the start left Benze with an easy job of getting a matchball

Chelsea was at their best, but they did not reduce the deficit, even more to blame Romel Lukaku. Vinicius served as an early warning of Madrid's intentions

Inevitably, Benzema was involved, kicking Federico Valverde to recycle the possession of the ball for the Brazilian winger, to cut inside Christensen and break the crossbar

...Christensen was eventually replaced in the middle of the hour after the hot hour, and Vinicius pulled away to play Benzema's pass

Benzema still had work to do, but somehow he put his head high in the 16-yard net. When Modrič found himself in the 24th minute,

he no longer needed to use force and returned the ball when he got into the corner

Havertz's own header isn't much of that caliber, but it's a good performance that surpasses Thibout Courtois' best endeavors

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