After Years Of Divorce, Jennifer Aniston Made A Rare Joke About Her Divorce

A Cute Reunion Broke The Internet, Speculation That They Were Rekindling Things

Almost two decades after appearing as the show's debut guest on The Ellen Show,

Jennifer Aniston returned to the set last night, joining Ellen DeGeneres for the last episode of the show.

As one of the most memorable guests during the show's 19 years on the air, Jennifer has taken part in 20 different features, including her time as host.

Jen certainly caught viewers' attention once again on Thursday night's episode as she made a jab at her past.

"I'd like to talk about the ending of Friends," the host tells her. He asks, “How did you handle it?

"Oh, the ending of Friends," Jen said comically before laughing. I got divorced and went to therapy,' she joked, alluding to her split from ex-lover Brad Pitt.

One of the internet's favorite couples back in the early aughts, the pair married in 2000 and split five years later.