Hustle Review: Un biased version

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Hustle has not got any special thing due to its originality. Yet, Adam Sandler's latest Netflix is worth watching for its NBA-level action and several roasters.

Even though the movie has a lot of close relationships with previous movies. Especially,  "The Air Up There", which is acted by Kevin Bacon in 1994.

Here, Bo Cruz (NBA player Juancho Hernangómez), a streetball hustler from Spain, is discovered by 76ers scout Stanley Sugerman while on a trip in Spain.

His lockdown defensive skills have prompted Stanley to describe him more than once as being "like Scottie Pippen and a wolf had a baby."


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The scout cannot wait for Bo to return to the US and join the 76ers, but the newly hired team head does not see much potential, forcing Stanley to risk his career.

...the gamble does not sit well with Stanley's overly-patient wife (Queen Latifah, who is also underemployed in this episode).

The raw talent of Bo is not enough, and Stanley has to teach him not to let other players get under his skin.

Overall, the movie is one-time watch due to Its breezy charm and solid inside game, including the impressive basketball sequences, keep the movie afloat.

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