Healthiest Way to Consume Alcohol

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The party season is ON, but endless Aperol spritzes and glasses of bubbly can take a toll on your health.

This isn't just about a sore head the next day. 

Alcohol is linked to a raft of long-term health issues such as cardiovascular and digestive problems. Not to forget the dehydration it causes in the short run.

So, it is important that you follow a healthy way to consume Alcohol. Let's find out the expert tips...

Before you take alcohol, make sure you have a nutritious bite to take. Because it will slow you down and the Alcohol doesn't get into your bloodstream so quickly.

While drinking alcohol, limit party food such as crackers, salami, and pretzels which are packed with sodium that makes you thirsty and dives you drink even more.

Remember H2o, Take an alternative alcoholic beverage with one dose of H2o which can limit your intake, or opt for a Wine Spritzer.

Experiment with booze-free options. Kombucha is one good option. or you can choose a homemade mocktail to make you feel not missing out. 

Another thing is to plan your drinks for not more than 3 and stretch those drinks throughout your party time. It will certainly help.

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