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Grizzlies Beat T’Wolves to Advance to Second Round

A first-round series featured by dramatic Grizzlies comebacks, poster dunks, foul trouble ..

..and a healthy serving of trash talk came to a close in Game 6 on Friday night, as Memphis ..

..eliminated the Minnesota Timberwolves 114-106 with yet another majestic performance.

The Grizzlies reached to the conference semifinals for the first time since 2015..

..and will host the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 on Sunday in Memphis.

"The series was a battle," Memphis point guard Ja Morant said.

"We knew that every game would be a dogfight. Coming in we knew, with this team, we wouldn't win this series in one game.

..that we had to come in locked in and bring our energy from the start.

Obviously, the gains were pretty ugly outside of Game 2, but we got it done."

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