Roman Leakee


Which Movie is Better - Doctor Strange 2 or Spiderman No Way Home?

Recently released dr strange multiverse of madness was a huge successful film at the cinemas.

But was it as successful as 
another movie Spiderman: NO way home? Let's find out!

When compared to Spiderman, Dr. Strange has a lot more
alternative universes.

IN spider-man the use of characters through mutliverse is phenominal.

When it comes to visual treats, Dr. Strange has a clear edge.

No way home has the big impact on the 
spider-man which is not related to the same multiverse of madness.

Multiverse of madness
has a much bigger bump
to the MCU. 

Spider-Man and Dr. Strane cannot be compared as they have completely different parameters. But...

Dr. Strane did not come up to the expectations in terms of the title: Multiverse of Madness.

Mayans M.C. S4 hints return of a major Character

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