Burger King's
7 Most Controversial Ads

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Any press is good press," seems to be Burger King's advertising head's motto over the years touching the customers

A lot of times the fast-food chain made headlines with its brash and controversial campaigns. some times they worked and sometimes created sparks.

Now let us look at the  7 Most Controversial Ads that the Burger Kings has debuted
over the years.

1 Poopy ice cream

The Ad itself looks to highlight the pure ingredients of a chocolate soft serve. The Ad reminds people it's free from artificial sh**.

As part of the campaign, they tweeted, "Women belong in the kitchen." To nobody's surprise, Women around the world were up in the arms.

2 Women Eat Burgers, too

In order to tell that they don't use artificial preservatives, they used a moldy Whopper campaign. It was successful. However, people looked it with disgust.

3 Mouldy Burger

Burger King accessed one of the Vote Leave's popular Brexit fight transports and put an advert as that read, "One more Whopper on side of a bus. Should be a political race.

4 Brexit Burger

To explain the Whopper ingredients they have only 15 seconds which is not sufficient. So the employee told, "Ok Google, What's the Whopper Burger?" so it can read the wiki page.

5 Unusual Tactics

In 2009, Burger King offered a free Whopper. You need to delete 10 friends from Facebook which will be broadcasted to friends you dumped to get 1/10 the of a whopper.

6 The friends sacrifice 

These moody meals came in a collectible rainbow of emotions, including the Pissed Meal, the Blue Meal, the Salty Meal, the DGAF Meal, and—strangely out of sync—the YAAAS Meal.

7 keeping it real

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