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Axl Rose joins Carrie Underwood at Stagecoach

Guns N' ROSES artist Axl Rose joined country-pop genius Carrie Underwood in front of an audience Saturday night (April 30).

At the Stagecoach country music live event in Indio, California to performed his band's exemplary melodies "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Paradise City".

Carrie played out the initial section and chorale of "Sweet Child O' Mine" with her band prior to telling the group:

"Welcome to the best evening of my life. Give it up for Axl Rose!"

They then, at that point, promptly sent off into "Paradise City", with Underwood telling the crowd: "You thought we were done?"

Back in 2015, Underwood told E! in a meeting with she truly intended to sing with Rose eventually in her life.

She said: "I've covered an ample number of GUNS N' ROSES stuff, and it was individuals like him who showed me how to sing."

"I see individuals like him and Freddie Mercury, those who were doing these insane runs. It was so unique," Underwood added.

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