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Avatar 2 Timeline: How Long After The First Movie It Takes Place

Avatar 2 happens when Jake and Neytiri have kids of their own.

Lets see How much time has passed between the first movie and Avatar: Way of the Water?

after Avatar premiered to unimaginble box office hit, Cameron began work on a sequel almost immediately.

and Fox couldn't green-light more Pandora pandemonium quick enough,

but Avatar 2 has suffered one delay after another as Cameron's vision expanded.

The script took longer than originally planned, but Avatar 2: The way of water, lives up to its name.

The film is going to utilize cutting-edge underwater filming technology.

In the mean time, the trailer for Avatar 2: Way of Water is out.

The trailer for Avatar 2 is now being shown ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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