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A$AP Rocky arrested 
 in connection

The rapper A$AP Rocky has been arrested in connection with a shooting last November, Los Angeles police have said.

The star was taken into custody at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday as he returned ... he returned from a holiday with his girlfriend, Rihanna.Police had been investigating the star whose real name is Rakim Mayers, for his potential involvement in a non-fatal shooting last year.

He was released on bail of $550,000 (£421,000) shortly after his arrest.

LA Police said the arrest was made in connection with an "argument between two acquaintances" which resulted in shots being fired.

The victim later told police that Mayers, who was walking with two others, reached
 him with a handgun on the street.

They claimed Mayers shot at him three to four times and that he believed one of the bullets grazed his left hand, according to police reports.

In a statement on Twitter, LAPD said the victim had sustained a "minor injury" after which his assailants "fled on foot".


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