May 16, 2023

How to Fix SAP Concur App Not working

These days any businessperson is using the SAP Concur app. Because of their busy life schedule, useful to this app. This app used to so many benefits for businessmen. This type of this app is providing travel and expense management services to businesses.

The SAP Concur is a mobile app. This makes expense reporting easier than ever. You simply take a photo of each receipt on your smartphone. After that, expenses within Concur Expense will automatically create, itemize, and expense entries.

This SAP Concur app user is sometimes facing not working issues, network issues, loading issues, updating issues, server status, and so on. If you have to face this type of issue. I will explain very clearly the SAP Concur app not working issues. So, let’s read this article.

SAP Concur App White Screen/Black Screen issues

Normally every person while app, and you might face some issues. This issue is mostly it will be a temporary issue. So, we explain to fix it and use the app further.

Now coming to the point. if you have to face a black screen/white screen issue. So, you could fix the issue by following the guide below.

  • It is a temporary loading issue. Firstly, you should click on the app menu on your mobile. After that, close the app and open it again. After that, the issue has been resolved or should check.
  • You should Android phone and try a hard reboot. After that, tap and hold down the Home+Power buttons for 10 secs. After that, release the buttons. As well as hold the Power button until the screen turns on. You now open the app. You check if it can work properly.
  • Even after trying the above steps, if you are still facing the problem. You should wait till your mobile battery is switched off.  After that, charge your phone. After that, press the power button.
  • If you didn’t fix it you uninstall the app and reinstall the app. You reinstall and log into the app after that, Android usually restores all settings. After that, you will check to see if that fixes it

SAP Concur App login/account related issues

If you have login issues you can follow the these below steps

  • If SAP Concur servers are down. It is causing the login/account issue. So, kindly try logging in after waiting a few minutes.
  • If your Wi-Fi / mobile data connection not working properly. First, check your data connection.
  • Unexpectedly if you try with the wrong login credentials. Firstly you confirm the details that you are entering are correct.

SAP Concur App Loading errors/Server errors, or Connection errors

If you have faced loading errors, server errors, or connection errors in the SAP Concur mobile app. You can try the steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Update the app: Firstly, ensure that you have the new version of the SAP Concur app installed on your device. Sometimes outdated version lead to compatibility problems and errors. So, you should go to your device’s app store e.g., Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. After that, check for any available updates for the SAP Concur app.
  • Clear app cache (Android only): If you’re using an Android device. You could try clearing the app cache. You go to your device’s Settings > Apps > SAP Concur > Storage > Clear Cache. After that, relaunch the app to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Restart your device: If sometimes, a normal device restarts it can resolve temporary issues that may be affecting the app’s performance. So, your mobile restart your mobile device. After that, try launching SAP Concur again.
  • Reinstall the app: If the issue continues. You could try uninstalling the SAP Concur app from your device. After that, you can reinstall it. This can help resolve any corrupted files. Otherwise, this can help resolve configuration issues that may be causing the errors.

SAP Concur App Installation

  • Verify app store account: You should make sure you are logged in with the correct app store account (Google account for Android or Apple ID for iOS) that is associated with the device you’re using. If you have multiple accounts. You switch to the correct one before attempting the installation.
  • Check internet connection: Firstly, ensure that you have a steady and reliable internet connection on your mobile device. As well as switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data (or vice versa) to see if the issue is related to the network.
  • Update app store: Firstly ensure that your app store is up to date. As well as you visit the respective app store e.g., Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. As well as on your mobile check for any available updates. So, you can be Updating the app store can resolve any issues or bugs that may be impacting the installation process.

SAP Concur App check if app Notification/working properly

You didn’t receive app notifications sometimes due to some issues. So, you could try out the following solutions to fix the issue.

  • First, you should open the SAP Concur App> Notification. After that, you check whether the notification is enabled or not. If case it is not enabled. Kindly start it.
  • If you didn’t receive alert sounds. Whether you have muted the app notification sounds you should crosscheck.
  • Enable notifications: You should make sure that the notification settings are enabled or turned on. It ensures that you will receive notifications from the SAP Concur app.
  • Configure notification preferences: You explore the notification settings to configure your preferences. You have options to choose the types of notifications you want to receive. Such as travel approvals, expense reports, reminders, or updates.

SAP Concur App audio/video issues

If you have facing SAP Concur app users’ audio/video issues. There several issues but there is always a solution for it. So, you can follow the below steps. After that, enjoy using the app.

  • First, if you have audio problems you should check the mobile sound. You use headphones and find out whether the problem is with the app or speakers.
  • If you have poor internet connectivity your video can face loading issues.

SAP Concur App FAQ

Q. What is SAP Concur App used for?

A: These SAP Concur app solutions connect all your expense, travel, and vendor invoice spending in one system. As well as it providing a single way to manage spending from end to end, gain greater visibility into transactions, and improve compliance. As well as simplify the process for everyone.

Q. When is the SAP Concur app founded?

A: The SAP Concur App is founded in 1993. The founder’s name is Rajeev Singh, Steve Singh, and Mike Hilton.

Q. Where is the SAP Concur App headquarters?

A: The SAP Concur App headquarters is in Bellevue, Washington, United States.


The SAP Concur app user is facing a temporary problem. Any app user facing this problem. So, well explain some issues. If you are facing this problem. You can try the above point. After that, you are using very happy with this SAP Concur App.

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