April 27, 2020

Putlocker | Top 8 Putlocker Alternatives

Do you have a habit of watching the latest films regularly online on your mobile or PC?. Of course, most people will say yes. Yes, None should hate it. Who will miss the chance of watching movies for free on their own mobile or PC?. So, for all those people, there are lots of free sources to provide movies online. But, Putlocker is one of the best and popular platforms online.

What is Putlocker? How does it work?

What is Putlocker?. Putlocker refers to various online file hosting index websites used for streaming entertainment media. Particularly for movies and Tv series for free of cost. The initial website originated in the UK as fast as in 2011. Then it became popular in a short period of time and received millions of daily users.

The Alexa internet listed Putlocker as ranking among the top 250  most visited websites worldwide.

Why Putlocker became popular in less time?. why because Putlocker is started in the UK under the URL Putlocker.com in 2012. At that time it received over 800,000 visitors per day. But after the famous website Megaupload was blocked due to copyright issues Putlocker started receiving approximately 1.6 million visitors per day.

How does Putlocker work?. Putlocker allows you to stream all the latest movies, TV shows in HD for free online. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface. So you can find your favorite content by Genes like action, comedy, thriller and more. It will provide whatever you want online in HD for free without any Ad disturbance.

Do you want to know is Putlocker legal or not? I  can it was illegal. Because Putlocker contributes movies, Tv shows in pirated for all its users. For this reason, Pulocker is seized by the police intellectual property crime unit of the UK. But it was subsequently changed into Putlocker.is domain. Even though, we don’t know how long it would be with us. Better to have alternatives to Putlocker for all Putlocker users.

So, for this, I have listed out the top 8 alternatives of Putlocker for all its users.

Let see what are those.

List of Top8 sites like Putlocker


123movies is the best and perfect alternative to Putlocker. Because it was hugely popular throughout the world. Moreover, it has millions of visitors a day that much popularity it has online. 123 movies allow you to stream the latest movies, Tvshows, Tv series in HD without paying.

Besides, it gives the convenience to search your favorite content by using Genres. In Genres,  you have Action, thriller, comedy, Adventure, Romance and more. All these make easy finding your required content within seconds.

Moreover, it does not require any registration to stream all your favorite content. So, make this your choice to stream movies, TV shows online and Enjoy its service without any annoyance.

official website:



Popcornflix is another best alternative to Putlocker. It will contribute to you the latest movies in different categories like Action, thriller, horror, romance, comedy, western and more. All these options will help to Search your favorite films easily.

Apart from movies, it will allow you to stream all your favorite TV shows in HD for free online. Popcornflix has a simple interface with a large data _base.

No need to pay anything for it. Moreover, it requires no registration so, you can stream all your required contents without any trouble.

official website:


3. Movie4k

Movie4k is a user _contributed video directory for TV shows and films. This also one of the best and popular sites online to stream movies as well as Tv shows for free in HD.

It gives the convenience to select your favorite movies By Genes like action, comedy, thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy and more. All these options will make easy to find your required or favorite content on Movie4k.

No need to get any registration for it just you have to open movi4k on your mobile or PC and select a movie on its home page that’s enough. Then it will display your required content on your screen. Moreover, it will allow you to stream on your Moblie or PC with high _quality.

official website:


4. Fmovies

Fmovies is a series of websites that host links and embedded videos. It allows users to stream or download movies for free. This is the best place to stream all your favorite movies in any category in any language. Moreover, it gives the convenience to the users to stream on their own mobile or PC in HD.

Fmovies home page has a simple and user friendly. It is designed in a simple manner. So, you can find your required content with genres option. It will make easy to find your favorite content without any confusion. Moreover, it does not require any registration so, make it your choice to watch free movies online without annoyance.

official website:


5. Los movies

Los movie is a  free platform to watch the latest movies, Tv series, with English subtitles. It allows you to stream HD quality without any disturbance.

Moreover, Los movies allow users to stream on their own Moblie and PC with high _quality. If you are missed to watch your favorite Tv series on TV, don’t about it. Because of Los movies there for you to contribute to all your missed episodes for free in HD as same as TV.

official website:



Rainierland is a site where lots of people are streaming movies for free online. This is also one of the best alternatives to Putlocke.  Rainierland will work as same as Putlocker. It will contribute to movies, shows in HD for all its users moreover, this is a user _friendly platform. Moreover, it gives convenience to its users to download their favorite content to watch offline.

Rainierland is completely premium free service. So you can stream movies, Tv shows for free. The only default is, it is not ad _free service otherwise it’s good to stream.

7. Movie watcher

Movie watcher is absolutely free site. It allows you to stream movies, Tv shows on your own comfort area moreover, you are able to stream your favorite content on your personal mobile or PC.

Movie watcher has a user _friendly interface it keeps updated films and TV shows daily for its users. It shows you Movies now playing in theatres, Most viewed movies, Recently added movies, Recently added TV shows on its home page.

You can use Movie Watcher to stream on all the devices. Moreover, you can also download movies if you want to watch offline it gives in best  HD quality no need to sign up for it.

official website:


8. Solar movies

If you are missing to watch your favorite Tv series on tv? no need to worry. Because Solar movies there for you to cover all missed episodes online without paying. Apart from Tv series, you can also stream all your favorite movies in HD quality 780p,1080p formates.

Here you can search your required content through categories like comedy, horror, adventure, Romance, Action and more without any registration and payment. Moreover, Solarmovies is also one of the best alternatives to Putlocker so, better to make it your choice to stream all your favorite films online without premium.

official website:


People FAQs on Putlocker

Is Putlocker free or premium-based?

Putlocker is completely free. It does not demand payment while you use it and it will contribute everything free of cost. So, you can stream your required content unlimitedly on Putlocker without paying a single Rupee or single Dollar.

Can we download films HD on Mobile or PC at Putlocker?

Absolutely yes, Putlocker will allow users to stream movies, TV shows on their own mobile or PC online. Moreover, it will give the convenience to download films or whatever it may in HD quality 1080p,780p,480p formats without any trouble.

Is Putlocker safe to use?

The government says It is not safe to use unauthorized sites because Putlocker will contribute pirated movies,  TVshows for all its users illegally so, there may a chance to create wires on your mobile or PC. But technically it will contribute to thousands of films, shows for free moreover, it has huge popularity. So what I am saying is, most of the unauthorized site will display unwanted Ads on your Screen with permission or without permission so try to avoid Click on them that”s enough otherwise it’s okay to use.

What happened to the Putlocker or Why it has banned or blocked?

Putlocker has been notified by the Motion Picture Association of America as a major piracy menace. Then it was banned in the UK by the court order due to copyrighted issues. After that Putlocker domain address changed multiple times into another domain.


In this article,  I am explained how Putlocker is working. If you really a movie enthusiast you must need a Putlocker. But we don’t know how long it will work for us so, better to have some alternatives like Putlocker. These will helps you when you are unable to access Putlocker or if it is shut down.

So, for this, I have listed Top 8  well_ working and free streaming sites as same as Putlocker. I hope all these will helpful for those who are movie enthusiasts and searching for movie streaming sites online for free.

In these, if anyone is down, Even though, you have multiple options to stream. I hope you enjoyed this article on Putlocker and its alternatives. If I forget to mention any useful alternative of Putlocker. Share with us in the comment section if you have any fit for it. Thank you!

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