February 8, 2022

Propose Day 2022date Bollywood Romantic Songs For Valentine Week Propose Day Kab Hai 2022


Bollywood Romantic Songs on Propose Day: The week of love as people are celebrating Valentine’s Week. After Rose Day on February 7, it is now Propose Day on February 8. That means, the day to express your loved ones.

There is a chance that on this Propose Day, a ‘No’ can convert into ‘Yes’ but you need to use just the right method. Now, if you have to share the feelings of your heart, nothing can be better than Bollywood songs.

The name of Propose Day clears that this is the day when you can share feelings of your heart without fear and the person in front of you also has to listen to you. So if you are planning something similar, then why don’t you express your feelings through songs. Mentioned below are a few song selections which can be used this Propose Day.

Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua: Through this song, lover can express his heart condition well. Beautiful music and the lyrics of this song can sway anyone.

Chahu Main Ya Na: Every song in the film Aashiqui 2 looks like being painted in love especially this song If you want to get permission to love, what can be better to sing than that? And this style will help you to get ‘Yes’

Keh Du Tumhe Ya Chup Rahu: If you are also in a ravishing mood and the one in front of you is also of your competition, then this song is made for you. If you ask your partner to listen to this song and ask for permission to speak your heart, then who will not say you ‘Yes’.

Agar Main Kahoon: If it takes fear to express your heart feelings and seeing them in front of them increases the heartbeat then take the help of this song. This song will definitely make your work. The workmanship of words is amazing in this song, which will definitely convey your point to your favorite person without saying it.

Main Tenu Samjhawa Ki: If you are one of the few people who likes to share your feelings in fewer words, then speak your point through this melody song. Your job will be done. Your feelings will reach the heart of the person in front of you and will also be more effective.

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