April 14, 2020

Movie4k And Its Alternatives

Are you looking for the best platform to stream movies online free? so, movi4k is there for you. Movie4k is a video-on-demand service.  It provides a comprehensive list of Tv shows, movies. Moreover, it aggregates the media content available online. It does not host any content but acts as a search index for all streaming sources. Movie4k contains a large directory of video websites, often on the television and movie pages.

 Movie2k.to blocked by motion picture association of America due to some copyright infringement. It was shortly changed as movie2k.so. This site serves in English and German-speaking areas at the beginning. However, this site also blocked by ISP. Movie2k morphed into movie4k on June 1, 2013. According to Alexa ranking, movie4k is more popular than Apple, PayPal, Microsoft, Twitter,iTunes.

Furthermore, It became the 202nd most popular website in the world. It is ranked with the most viewers among the 20 german websites. Movie4k is the largest streaming portal in the country.

The users are uploads video or files on this website. Besides, the other users are able to watch videos on this site. It requires no registration.  Registration is optional to all its users and no need to get an account for use it.

movie4k alternatives

Movie4k contributes, latest movies, news updates and more for free online. You can watch ultra HD movies online free on movi4k. It offers ad-free and HD content for all its users. You are able to watch full-length movies for free online on multiple devices.

Millions of users visit this site every day to stream their required movies in HD. If you are unable to stream your favorite content on movie4k. Don’t worry about it because now I am going to share some alternatives like movie4k.

Topmost alternatives like Movie4k


Alluc is a user-generated online video directory. It is a popular website to stream movies, TV shows, sports, music, pornography and more for free. This is the best alternative for movie4k. Alluc does not contain any download links a moreover, it does not host ant content. All the links for only streaming video sharing websites.

All the users upload their links to the site and it is reviewed by the administrators. Then the links are published on the site. video sharing sites are linked into Alluc including youtube, Dailymotion and etc.

Alluc is the best choice to stream all your required content in HD without any annoyance. You will enjoy the streaming with Alluc. Because it offers thousands of movies Tv shows and more for free online. Moreover, it allows you to access multiple devices.

official website:



2. Netflix

Netflix is a popular streaming service. It offers a huge collection of various movies, award-winning Tv shows, Documentaries, Animes, etc on thousands of internet-connected devices. Besides, you can watch unlimited movies, TV shows, etc on your mobile, PC, smart TV or any internet-connected device without a single ad annoyance. You can watch anywhere at any time online.

This is an amazing platform to stream all your required content for one low monthly price. There is always something new for you because it will be updated with new content every week. If you want to enjoy unlimited streaming at Netflix then you have to pay RS199 for a month.

official website:


3. 1337x

1337x is a website. It supplies a dictionary of torrent files and magnet links used for peer to peer file sharing through bit torrent protocol. Moreover, it is the third most popular website as of 2018.

1337x contributes to the latest movies, tv shows, software, music, games, etc online completely free. No matter you are in public, home, office, occasion or anywhere you are. You can stream and download whatever you want online for free of cost. Furthermore, you will enjoy its streaming because it gives a user-friendly service.

official website:



Put locker is the best platform in online. Because it offers a huge collection of latest movies, TV shows for free for all its users. So, you can stream all your favorite TV shows, movies without any annoyance. Because it doesn’t require any registration moreover, it will not display any ads while streaming.

It will offer the latest movies, latest TV shows, and most-watched movies, tv shows for all its users on its home page. So, it is so easy to browse all your favorite content on Putlocker.

official website:


5. 123 movies

123 movies are one of the famous websites to stream the latest full-length movies, popular TV shows. You don’t want to pay for its streaming it’s absolutely free of cost.

You can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies without any troubles it will offer free and HD content. Moreover, it allows you to access multiple devices like mobile, PC, smart tv and more. It doesn’t require any registration or signup for it.  You can freely stream your content through 123movies without troubles.

official website:


6. Vudu

Vudu is an online content delivery platform. It contributes full-length movies, tv shows online free up to thousands of movies, shows. Enjoy the stunning quality in Ultra HD up to 4K at your home or anywhere. Moreover, You can watch and download all your required content through the Vudu website without any annoyance.

if you want to watch the latest movies, it shows no need to subscribe to it just you have to rent or own up to 100,000tiles and movies. the rental prices from $.99 to $ 5.99 and the purchase range from $4 to $24.

official website:



Fmovies is a series of websites. It hosts links and embedded videos and moreover, it allows users to watch and download movies for free. Fmovies is the best place to stream the latest movies and not only the latest movies you can stream all your favorite movies at the Fmovies platform. Furthermore, it contributes to high-quality movies with good internet speed.

If you want to watch or download any movie through Fmovies no need to register for it completely free to browse. I am sure you will enjoy the streaming through Fmovies. Because it doest creates any annoyance while streaming content.

official website:


8. Hulu

Hulu is a video-on-demand service although it offers free online full-length movies in HD, Tv shows for a month trial for its users. Then you have to sign up for Hulu ad-free plan or with an ad plan to stream unlimited movies, TV shows online in HD.

Hulu provides you the latest and classic movies, current and old tv shows seasons moreover, it serves kids entertainment shows also. Besides, it will give you a high-quality picture anywhere on multiple devices. So, go and enjoy the streaming of your required content on Hulu.

official website:


9. Yify

Yify is a torrent site it distributing a huge collection of movies as downloads through a bit torrent. Moreover, it has one specialty than other sites is, it releases its HD videos in a small file size that’s why many people are attracted to Yify.

You will able to stream and download Yify movies in excellent 720p, 1080p with 3D quality. It will provide you the latest Yify movies torrents and upcoming Yify movies.

In conclusion, Yify is the fastest download with the smallest size. So, go and enjoy its streaming with your favorite content.

official website:


10. Tubi

Tubi is a free and legal streaming site. It contributes to thousands of latest and classic movies, Tv shows moreover, it is an ad-supported service.  If you want to stream your favorite content on Tubi then you have to register and signup for it.

By using it you can stream all your required content for free in HD. Moreover, it allows users to access multiple devices like mobile, PC, smart TVs. This is one of the best platforms to stream all your required movies, shows because it offers everything for free online.

official website:


11. Popcornflix

Popcorn Flix is a website and over the top service. It offering free ad-supported feature-length movies, web episodes.  Moreover finding your required content at popcorn flix is so easy because it has a simple interface. Popcorn flix will offer you new arrivals, most popular, popcorn flix originals, Drama, comedy, horror, thriller and more for its users to find easy.

It is the best choice to stream all your required content online for free. Moreover, you can browse anywhere at any time on multiple devices.

Apart from streaming, you can download all your favorite movies or series to watch offline. So go through the official of popcorn flix and enjoy with all your favorite streamings.

official website:



I hope all the suggested alternatives like movie4k will help you to stream all your favorite movies for free online. Many alternatives are there to movie4k but I searched for topmost alternatives for all movi4k users. All the above sites are goog reliable and genuine. These will offer you all your favorite content in HD without any annoyance.

Lots of sites are there to provide all your required content but not all are safe to browse, some of them are malware. So, don’t go through unknown sources.

I was tried to cover all reliable and legal alternatives like movie4k. If I forget to mention any relevant site to movie4k please put it in the comment section below if you have any fit for it.


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