May 18, 2023

How to Write an Effective Email For Your Resignation

Unfortunately, you needed to resign from your job due to some reasons. So, before you left your job, you have to send your resignation letter to your boss. Of course, this is not the first step to resigning from your job, before you sent a resignation email to your HR, you have to inform them directly at least two weeks before you left your company.

After that, you need to inform them officially by sending a resignation mail to your manager or recruiter. Because these days everything has become digital. But, your email should be clear and professional. But, most people are bothered about how to write an email for resignation.

Even you bothered about it? Of course, that’s the reason you’ve landed on this page, Right? Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll let you know how to write the best resignation email when you’re quitting your job.

How to Write a Perfect Email for your job resignation

Quitting your job? So,learn how to write a effective email for resignation

When it comes to your resignation, it’s better to inform your boss directly as I  said you before. However, if you need to notify your resignation via email, you need to follow some tips while you writing your message. So, here we’ve explained them short and clear. Let’s have a look at it below.

Tips for writing a resignation email subject

Give Two weeks’ information

Give a standard two weeks’ notice to your HR before going to leave your company. If it’s not possible, give an employer as much as information you can. Because it will help you to maintain a pleasing relationship with your employers.

Write clear email subject lines

When you write your resignation, you have to use simple and direct subject lines like Resignation, and your name.

In this way, your boss will know straight away what your email is about. Then they’ll open and read your email as soon as possible.

State the date you plan to leave

When writing your resignation email, it’s better to add the date you plan to leave the company. It will give your boss a clear sense of your timeline.

Don’t give a detailed information

In your resignation, you don’t need to give a detailed explanation on why you’re quitting your job and what will be doing next. Make sure your message is short and simple.

If you want to explain it shortly, you may say you’re leaving due to family circumstances, a change in your career.

Or if you’re truly leaving for another job, you don’t have to mention it.

No matter is what, keep your message brief and optimistic.

Express your gratitude

It’s a great chance to give thanks for the time to stay at your company. However, even if you’re unhappy with your company, don’t say anything negative in your email. You need to maintain a fine relationship with your recruiter, because, we never know when your ways will turn again.

So, it’s better to keep your message positive by expressing gratitude.

Ask questions

This is the best opportunity to ask questions about your compensation, like when you will receive your last paycheck. If you want to know about your last payment details, you have to mail both your employer as well as the human resources officer, because your human resource officer will answer these types of questions.

provide your contact information

Add any non-company email address or any other form of contact information that you want to share, so that your boss can keep in touch with you. This is mainly necessary when you are exiting right away.

Proofread your message before you hit send button

After writing your email, proofreading is the most essential thing to do. Because, if you did any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, by reviewing your message before hitting the send button.

So, these are the main tips to follow when you write a resignation letter to your HR.

If you want to know how to write a proper email for your resignation, just follow the below simple resignation email letter sample

Best resignation email example/ Resignation email sample

Email Subject Line: Your Name Resignation

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname,( salutation)

I write to notify you that I am resigning from my position here as a junior manager. My last day will be Feb 26, 2022.

Thank you so much for all of the opportunities this organization has provided me. I have learned so much these past four years, and will never forget the kindness of all of my coworkers.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to make this shift more comfortable. You can always reach me at or Phone number. ( Body of the email)

Thank you again for your years of aid and incentive. ( Closing lines)

Respectfully yours,

Your Name( signature)

 Wrapping up

If you’re going to quit your job and want to resign, you need to write a resignation letter for your boss. So, here we’ve explained How to write an email for a job resignation and also given some tips to write an effective resignation letter for your employer. I hope this guide will help to write a resignation email for those going to resign from their job soon.

Over to you. How did you enjoy this guide? Have any queries yet? If yes,  Let me know in the comment section below.

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