December 18, 2019

How to watch Hindi movies online for free

Bollywood is the largest film industry worldwide because it produces more than 1000 movies per year since 1913. Moreover, it has billions of viewers every day. why the Hindi film industry was popular than others?. Why because they produce a unique and genuine content instead of making costly and time-consuming animated movies. Moreover, Hindi films are very spicy and they blended with unique music, dance, costumes, comedy, and emotional touch. That’s why lots of people attract to Hindi films including me.

Many people are love to watch newly released movies in theatres. But nowadays some of them are unable to watch the latest Hindi movies in the theatre due to their busy schedule. If you have the same problem don’t worry about it. Because now I am going to share some alternatives to watch the latest Hindi films anywhere.

Who is missing to watch their favorite and latest Hindi movies some alternative sources are there for you. By using these legal and genuine sites you can watch your favorite Bollywood movies online free without any issues.

let see what are the sources to watch Hindi movies online free streaming.

1. Amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription video-on-demand service is operated by Amazon. It is the same as Netflix, it allows you to watch unlimited movies and number of TV shows from its content library for a monthly fee. Amazon Prime Video compensates with quality original content.

This platform offers both tv shows and movies. Basically, this service is launched in the US under the name Amazon Unbox but after two years it is renamed Amazon prime video.

Get a prime at 129RS per month or 999 RS per year. With your Prime membership, you have to access exclusive Amazon Originals, blockbuster Bollywood movies, and more. If you get this prime you can watch Unlimited Movies, TV Shows & Get Free Shipping Benefits with Amazon Prime. Watch Latest & Exclusive ad_free Bollywood, Hollywood Movies, US TV & Kids Shows moreover it is easy and secure to use.



Voot is a free streaming and ad-supported Viatom 18 ‘s subscription video-on-demand service. It was launched in 2016 and it allows you to access a huge collection of free online Hindi movies, TV shows, short films, latest news, reality shows, comedy, and kids entertainments, etc. Moreover it available in Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, English, Tamil languages for free streaming. It is an illegal and genuine site safe to use.

By using Voot you can stream the latest and favorite Hindi films in your pc, mobile phone or tablet for free. No need to do anything while using Voot just you have to sign up for Voot to watch the latest Bollywood movies for free.



Youtube is one of the best sources to stream Hindi movies online free with high quality. Everyone knows how much youtube was popular because it gives the best quality content for their users in any language not only Hindi.

If you want to stream Hindi movies for free online youtube is the best platform. It allows you to stream Hindi movies, music, comedy, kids entertainment and, etc. Now I am going to share the best sources of youtube below.



By using these sources you can stream your favorite Hindi movies online free of cost and without any issues. Because those are very genuine and legal sites.


Spuul is an on-demand video streaming site. Moreover, it allows multiple devices like mobile, tablets, smart TV’s, pc to stream and download full-length Hindi movies, short films, comedy, music, and tv shows with a premium.

Get prime RS 99/month or Get prime RS 999/year. You can watch the number of movies in several Indian regional languages.

premium does not accept for rental movies. If you want to watch rental movies you have to pay for them separately.



SonyLiv is an Indian general entertainment and it is another source to stream online Hindi movies for free without downloading. It is a video-on-demand service. Basically sony Liv marketed as SONYLIV formerly as sony liv is oned by sony pictures networks India Pvt Ltd.

SonyLiv is a part of network television channels oned by sony pictures networks India Pvt Ltd. The network includes other channels like sonyTV, sonySAB,sonyMix, sony max, sonyMax2, sony six, sony pix, AXN, and sony yay. It offers an original web series like Lovebytes, married women diaries, etc.

It works as a premium basis and allows us to watch a huge collection of Hindi movies online, tv shows, news, etc. Moreover, we can also stream all those in different languages.


6. Hii Dude MV

Hii Dude MV is a website to stream and downloads Hindi movies, songs, comedy, news, etc. We can also stream Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, etc along with Bollywood movies.

HiiDudeMV allows us to watch the latest movie updates, trailers, songs, etc. It gives a huge collection of HD Hindi movies online we can stream and download easily without any signups and issues.



Zee5 is an on premium based service. It offers the latest blockbuster Hindi movies online and zee5 original series. You can watch unlimited movies, international shows in zee5. It has 90+ TV channels and zee5 originals across 12 languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and etc.

We can stream any movie in any language easily in multiple devices with HD quality.


8. Hindi links 4u

Hindi links 4u is a good platform to stream latest Hindi movies, Hindi dubbed movies online with free of cost.

It allows the latest and old Hindi movies, popular TV shows, latest Hindi movie trailers, music, and etc. This is easy and safe to browse so, you can stream and download unlimited Hindi movies anywhere.

You will get your required content with high quality by searching with a movie name, actor, director in the search bar.


9. Watch movies free

Watch movies free is the website for stream online movies, Tv shows, comedy in HD quality without any registration. By using this you can watch your favorite films in different genres like action, horror, Anime, family entertainment and etc with the best quality.

This site is totally free of cost. It provides full-length HD Hindi movies without any registration so, you can browse freely. Moreover, it allows in multiple devices like mobile, pc, tablets and etc.


10.HD Friday

HD Friday is one of the best sources to different the latest Hindi movies, tv shows, comedy without any registration. It provides high-quality Hindi movies TV shows, music, movie trailer and, etc in HD quality.

Moreover, you can stream and download your favorite movies in different languages in all categories. It offers a huge collection of movies, TV shows in Bollywood, Tollywood, etc in multiple devices.

You can browse your favorite Hindi movies online free.


11. Yes movies

yes, movies are a good platform to stream and download full-length Hindi movies online free. It allows a huge collection of Hindi movies, TV series, comedy, and etc with HD quality content.

This is the best source to stream your required movies on multiple devices. No signups and registrations are required to stream movies so, you can watch Hindi movies online free HD without any interruptions.


12. Go films 4u

Go films 4u is the best place to watch full-length Hindi movies, dubbed Hindi movies HD quality. Moreover, it offers a huge collection of movies in different languages for free online. It is easy and safe to browse you can stream anywhere.

Really it is an amazing platform to stream Hindi movies, dubbed Hindi movies online free. It allows multiple devices so, you can search with the movie name, actor, year, etc in the search bar.


13.yo movies

Yo movies are another source to stream old and latest Hindi movies online. It has an additional feature than other sources because it has two streaming servers.

SO, you can watch unlimited movies in different genres like movie name, actor, year, etc. If you have any problem while streaming you can use another server of yo movies.

By using this yo movie you can stream full-length HD Hindi movies old and new without any issues.


14. Netflix

Netflix is worlds leading entertainment service with more than 160 million paid memberships over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, etc. You can watch popular tv shows, movies, entertainment in your pc, mobile, tablets, smart tv, etc online.

Netflix is a video-on-demand service. It works based on primes and it offers three streaming plans.

Let see what are those basic, standard, and premium starting at $ 9 /month and ends at $16/month and the basic streaming plan is $8.99/month by using these plans you can stream your favorite Hindi movies, tv shows online.

Even it is a premium-based service, it offers a huge collection of Hindi movies and all entertainment on Netflix. Moreover, it offers two streaming screens at once.


15. Yupp flix

Yupp flix is also a video-on-demand movie service. It provides lots of movies in  Hindi, Telugu, English, Kannada, etc. If you want to stream your favorite tv shows, movie trailers, movies, and etc you want to subscribe to the premium. Just you want to subscribe to the Yupp flix then you will get a huge collection of Indian regional movies, tv shows, etc.

It is a good platform to stream your required movies online in any language anywhere. Moreover, it allows accessing multiple devices like pc, smart tv, mobile, tablets and etc.

Subscribe the Yupp flix and get a huge collection of Hindi movies online streaming with HD quality, without any issues.


16. Hungama movies

Hungama movies are one of the popular websites to stream Hindi movies online moreover, it has tv series, kids entertainments, music, etc in several languages. It is also a premium based service if you want to stream unlimited movies ad-free just you have to get the subscription premium at 199 RS /month.

Once you get a plan for one month it provides you ad-free unlimited Hindi movies tv series, etc online in your mobile, pc, smart tv with high quality and speed.


17. Hot star

Hotstar is an amazing source to watch online Hindi movies for streaming with HD quality. Moreover, you can stream anything without any signups it is totally free of cost and legal.

It serves an unlimited latest and old movie, tv-series, sports, news, kids entertainment channels. Moreover, the Hotstar provides several entertainments in more than 8 languages in their star series. It has a separate section to stream films,  news, music, drama, sports and etc for free online.

This service gives you HD quality content on multiple devices without any issues because it is totally legal.

By using it you will be enjoyed while streaming your favorite Hindi films on your mobile, pc anywhere. So I will give the link below for who is loves to watch Hindi movies online.


18. Big flix

Big flix is a reliance entertainment video-on-demand service and moreover it was the first video-on-demand service in India. It is an Indian leading subscription provider of 2000+  latest Bollywood movies, regional blockbuster movies, and classic movies. It allows users to stream and downloads any movie at any time anywhere.

If you want to stream movies in any language online then you have to pay for them. If you get a subscription for one month then you will stream unlimited movies in high quality.

Big filx allows users to access multiple devices anywhere. Let see the official link below.



All the above-mentioned sources are totally legal. I wish, all these are helpful for those who are unable to watch the latest Hindi movies on the theatres due to their busy schedule. 

Every movie lover can browse and stream their favorite Hindi movie online free, not all the sites are free to stream some of them are video-on-demand services. However, all those are very genuine and legal sites to stream the latest and old movies any time anywhere in multiple devices.

 There are many illegal sites that are there to provide the latest movies in the pirated video but they are not safe to browse. Moreover, they do not give you good quality content so, don’t go through them.

there are a number of legal sites to serve latest  Hindi movies for you. Moreover, these sites gives you high-quality content. I was mentioned above some of them if I forget to mention anyone of it put in the comment section below.

I wish this article is useful for those who are love to stream the latest Hindi movies online free at any time.

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