September 30, 2020

How to Get a Free Netflix Account Easily

How to Get a Free Netflix Account Easily

The best way I can think of getting a free account with ease is to get it by legal means, which is to buy it. Few plans have been listed on the website where different plans with rates have been given. Choose from it, pay the amount, and Voila! You got it. You get a Free Account but only for one month, as you may know.

One Month Subscription

What stings is that you get free access to Netflix for a month, but you have to fill up details and other bank-related credentials like Debit Card number and CVV. The same goes for Credit Card and NetBanking too. 

Unlike many other apps and sites, where they provide free access or entertainment, they ask for a cell number, and then they charge you accordingly. Anyway, to enjoy the suite of Netflix shows and series, you can use this Netflix gift card from our side. Most people who got several numbers associated with themselves or family members can enjoy free access, or let’s say the everyday slang “Free Trial” for a few more months using all of the numbers they got. Plus point for them. 


I also discovered a month ago from my cousin that he’s been using Netflix for free for a year ago, and out of my curiosity, I had to ask, “How’s that?” and he said, “that’s all the cookie thing.” Again obviously, anyone would ask to tell me about this thing, so I asked the same, and he would respond in a decent accent that it’s not that easy. 

It isn’t very easy. To this, I told him, of course, it would have been complicated, or else everybody would know about it and would use it for free. I still wouldn’t understand how cookies would work, and anyways it had to be done using a computer or a Laptop. I lacked either of them so that I wouldn’t stand a chance here. 

Another idea could be to be a very sweet guy and ask for a Netflix account from your friends or family, cousins, etc. and make them understand how desperate and eager you are to watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, and have entertainment like them. Tell them how damned you’d be to be on the same boat as the account holder. 

Search For Alternatives

Even there are few MOD apps for Netflix. Not the actual Netflix app, I would say. That’s a disgrace practically. These apps may look a bit look-alike to the original app icon and would possess similar shows and movies, but a small difference may still occur.

MOD, in simple terms, means ‘hacked’ version, where you get to say the same amount of entertainment options, but alas, the app is not original and lacks some possibility within. 


Few websites have account ID and password posted on their sites in the form of tables. Now I don’t know how or why that’s happening. How would the site get such confidential information about someone’s password and their Netflix ID? But that’s not the problem if the Netflix account still works. 

Who would possibly know if these accounts aren’t fake or what unless people try them and check it out? Checking it out, and if that works, Bravo! You just unlocked an achievement that doesn’t make sense in the real world. 

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