How Computer Gadgets Affect Students’ Study Habits

Computers, tablets, smartphones, the Internet, digital applications are gradually invading lecture halls and teaching rooms without us fully knowing how students use them and the effects they produce. While, on the educational level, the alleged innovative nature of these tools is the subject of passionate debates in the teaching profession. 

First, we must objectively look at the role of computers in students’ learning, both pros, and cons.


(1) In the information age society, online learning resources are more abundant. (2) The ability to master computers is also a must-have for modern students. (Resource searchability, basic computer operation ability, etc.) (3) The cost of learning is relatively low, such as video tutorials for self-study (4), expand students’ horizons, and understand more and more specific social information.


In the information age society, there is a lot of bad information on the Internet. Especially elementary school students have relatively poor information discerning ability, and it is easy to absorb non-scientific and erroneous information. (2) The network is a virtual space, it is easy to block the interpersonal communication of students, and it is more inclined to human-computer communication. (3) There are many undesirable things on the Internet that are easy to attract students (primary school students have a strong pursuit of freshness), and Internet addiction is also a major disadvantage.

For students with strong self-control ability, studying with gadgets can be used appropriately. Otherwise, you can use the computer to study under the supervision of an adult.

Nowadays, the technology of society is advanced, and the use of gadgets has become very common. Almost every household has a computer. Computers are widely used, convenient and fast, and are well-received by people, but at the same time, they bring a lot of disadvantages. There are many benefits of computers, for example, it can facilitate us to collect information. When we want to do a project, but lack information, as long as we browse the Internet, we can immediately find a lot of information related to the project, which is very convenient. Through computer gadgets, students’ language proficiency can be improved. We only need five to ten minutes to go online to read a high-quality article and complete after-class exercises. If this continues, our language proficiency will definitely be greatly improved over time. If students encounter something they don’t understand in their homework, as long as they go online, someone will solve the problem for them. 

However, computer gadgets also bring them great disadvantages. Computer gadgets can affect their eyesight. If they look at the computer screen for a long time and do not allow their eyes to rest properly, it will affect their eyesight, leading to myopia, and more serious, may lead to “dry eye disease.” Which will also affect their studies. If they are too addicted to online game lines and “ICQ” and ignore their studies, their academic performance will decline, and they may even be unwilling to learn. However, one of the most serious disadvantages to note is that computer gadgets can affect the communication between students. Because computers are too inconvenient, people can transmit messages to each other as long as they use the Internet, and even the time to connect to the phone is reduced. In the long run, society will become indifferent, and the gap between people will become bigger and bigger. Ugh! How terrible the harm the computer brings.

I firmly believe that as long as these students know how to overcome themselves, know how to allocate time, and make good use of computers, then computers will be a good helper for their studies.

The General Effects of Gadgets on Students’ Study Habits

The positive effects of computers on the growth and progress of middle school students:

At present, it is very common for middle school students to use computers, but there are both advantages and disadvantages. Computers are easily accepted by our middle school students. Its advantages are mainly as follows:

  1. It is an important way to quickly master many aspects of knowledge. Computers have become an important source of knowledge. Most of the materials in major libraries around the world can be obtained on the Internet through computers, not only for quick access but also saving a lot of extra expenses. There is also various information such as news, materials, entertainment, and literature. Through the computer on the Internet, we can see the latest, fastest, and most authoritative news, can learn knowledge that is not in the books, understand a wider range of unknown information, and make more middle school students faster, earlier, and closer to technology. The cutting-edge makes us love and advocate science more.
  2. An effective way to receive education. The current learning software is dazzling. Compared with books, it is much more interesting and flexible. Just like watching cartoons, it is easy to attract our attention. Encyclopedia Britannica has a few thick books, and one small CD can do it. There is also a new teaching method called “online school”. In the “online school”, the teacher teaches you individually, and the “classmates” learn from each other in communication. There is no restriction of face-to-face with the teacher in the classroom, and it is not subject to time and location. The restraint is of great help to the free play of our middle school students.
  3. The computer is a useful tool for enhancing communication. At present, middle school students are almost all only children. Except in school, we usually spend more time alone. We can use the computer to surf the Internet and chat in chat rooms or other communication websites. In this virtual world, we talk about what we like. This is a great opportunity for us who are eager to make friends and eager to talk. We talked happily on the Internet and got relaxation and relief.
  4. The computer is a helper for shopping. Now, computer shopping has become a fashion. We middle school students no longer need to squeeze the bus and use the mouse on the Internet to send the things you want to buy directly to your home. Not only does it save time, but it is also cheap. It is a different way to kill two birds with one stone.

The Negative Effects of Using Computer Gadgets on Academic Habits

Everything has two sides, and the use of computers by middle school students also has drawbacks.

  1. Children need to establish personal friendship with their parents who care about them, but computers separate their parents from their children, which makes children “only recognize computers but not people” from an early age. Children who often play computers are generally reticent, and their concentration-time for learning is relatively short, and their learning motivation is reduced. Poor living ability, weak language skills, outlier, withdrawal, lack of enthusiasm for parents, lack of interest in life.
  2. Computers allow us who are in the developmental stage to sit at the computer desk for more and more time. We sit in front of the computer for a few hours, with our eyes fixed on the screen, our necks stiff, and our hands holding the mouse. These bad postures will produce many problems for a long time. However, the damage to the muscles and other parts of the poor sitting posture will not appear until 10 years, so we still don’t realize it now, it doesn’t matter, it’s too late to know the consequences. Especially the harm to the eyes, the Japanese researcher pointed out that after the popularization of computers, the number of myopic students has increased a lot. Glasses that were only worn by college students before are now quite common among high school and junior high school students. The myopia rate of middle school students in our country has reached 60%, and there is an upward trend year by year. The image, standing, and walking postures of children in the “computer age” are different from those of our parents. They wear glasses, tilt their heads, and shoulders. Indentation. Some educators and children’s experts strongly urge schools to stop using computers at the basic stage, pointing out that the use of computers is harmful to children’s physical, emotional, and other aspects of development.
  3. Our middle school students are particularly susceptible to “fascination” with computer games. Once they become addicted, they spend all their spare time playing computer games, which wastes their studies and decreases their academic performance. Nowadays, most computer games are fighting and killing games, and they tend to be violent in such an environment for a long time. However, our middle school students do not have a deep understanding of society, are very curious and lack a certain ability to discern. It is easy to be deceived when making friends online, and some unhealthy content on the Internet is also very harmful to us.

Gadgets can be a cause of distraction for students. “Gadgets occupy kid minds. Leave a child with a Smartphone, tablet, Xbox, or any other handheld device he can spend hours or even weeks with it”, Joan Young, a professional from AdvancedWriters essay writing company said.

Chatting and games have caused our academic performance to decline and our physical and mental health has been harmed, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of our middle school students.

Computer gadgets show the advancement of science and technology. It is convenient for people to do things, help people to learn, enrich people’s lives, read or learn things they did not know on education, etc. With the advancement of science, people also invented the Internet. It allows people to learn knowledge and find confidants in the Internet world. Being able to play games online and so on. The Internet is really fun and can be addictive.

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