March 15, 2021

Guide To Select The Right Size For Blank Yard Signs

You have already settled to use yard signs for the upcoming election, and it will help you grab a lot of potential supporters. But, the thought of using a yard sign is not enough. You have to focus on its right size. As these signs are placed in open areas, the sizes are primarily bigger in scale. It helps people to focus on the message from a faraway distance.

However, depending on the situation and the type of promotion you want to address, the size of these blank yard signs will differ. So, selecting the right size for your yard sign is an important question that you need to answer first.

For the standard size:

Can you find any of the standard yard signs to follow? Well, the answer is yes. The dimensions of these signs will typically be 24 inches x 18 inches. This sign’s size will work perfectly for multiple applications and also pretty large to display the proper information for the passers-by. Whenever someone is driving by your yard, the person can easily read the signs well because of their size.

  • The size of the yard signs remains compatible with various display methods. Some signs are placed on wire stakes, and then you can also use metal frames for some of the other signs.
  • Even though the standard size has been mentioned already, it is not the only size to look for. Some of the other popular options are 4 feet x 4 feet, 2 feet x 2 feet, 36 inches x 18 inches, 18 inches x 12 inches, and even 24 inches x 6 inches.
  • There are multiple reasons to choose some of the different sizes as mentioned in previous points. You might want a large sign to display in areas, which are difficult enough to see.
  • Or, maybe you have real estate frames of some size. During such instances, you need to order for those given sizes.

Understanding the right kind of yard sign to purchase and ways to display it is really important. It will help you to come up with the correct yard sign size to focus on.

The material of the signs determines the size as well:

Commonly, yard signs are made using plastic bags, cardboard, or corrugated plastic. The larger plastic bag signs and the cardboard ones will have a pretty hard time standing up against the wind and any of the other damaging weather conditions. It is highly recommended to use corrugated plastic for such options. The signs of any size can be printed and customized as per the promotional message. So, these options are strong, and corrugated plastic is better for covering extreme weather conditions.

Choose the right size:

So, without wasting time, let’s just get along with the right side of the yard signs. Upon dealing with the size, customize the sign by adding your promotional message and then ask experts to help you with the installation process. Once purchased, these signs will last long.

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