December 16, 2019

Top 12 Best Websites to download movies for free without registration

Truth be told, it’s always gratifying to have something for free, especially when paid-alternatives can actually remain as nothing but a ‘plan B’. So, for those that love to watch movies and save while at it, as opposed to going to the Cinemas, it’s only natural you turn to the internet. It’s common knowledge that the Internet offers easy-of-access to almost anything imaginable, to anyone and from anywhere. So, whether it’s for purpose of affordability, comfort, privacy, quality or as a mere pastime, etc, for those people that have a thing for free movie download sites without all the hassles, we are here to serve your needs to help you navigate and download movies for free online.

The list of free movie download websites

Below is a listing of 10 Websites where you and a whole lot of other people can download movies for free without registering. We have provided an appropriate description of the steps to be undertaken in the download process, as well as identify the Pros and Cons of the relevant Websites.

1. FZ Movies (Original)

Main features; FZ Movies website is very prolific and simple to navigate, it offers a user interface that allows for movie searches to be carried out and covers all categories of movie types, codec and formats. So, the user has the option to either opt for MP4, 3GP or HD quality movies. Hollywood, Bollywood and almost every other kind of movie can be found on this website.

Pros; FZ Movies has a very larger repository of movies and it’s easy to get what you want. Cons; This site runs on paid-ads, so there are a lot of pop-ups to deal with. It even advises that adBlockers shouldn’t be turned on.

Official website:

2. My Cool Movies


This website has an array of movies organized by genre, latest movies, Indian TV Series, TV Series, Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Dubbed Movies, Animated Movies, Marathi Movies, and Animated Movies (Hindi), Punjabi Movies, etc. The website is very simplistic and the user interface doesn’t require any form of registration to access movies. Offers MP4 and 3GP movie options, with HD quality.

With just two-clicks, this site takes you right to the download file and all you have to do is select the save-to location on your device or computer. An Adblocker can easily take care of this.

Each time any item is clicked a pop-up screen emerges. There is no escaping this, the only possible option is to close the screen and continue on the initial window.

Official website:

3. Mobile Movies Main features; The site gives you a Cinema poster-like feel, complete with movie feature picture, names of lead actors, a synopsis of the movie, release date, etc. You are immediately drowned to the beautiful webpage layout and interface which is very simple to navigate. It offers Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, WWE NXT, South movies, and Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, etc.

Holds a vast number of movies and displays a catchy user interface. WWE NXT is available. No popups are available.

Official website:

4. Watch Movies Free

This site offers free to download movies and the user interface allows you to get a glimpse of the movies and their various categories, ranging from Genre, Country, Year, Popular movies, TV-series and Movies Coming soon. The site offers a rating system for all its movies and lets you get an idea about a movie’ rating score right away.

It offers a rating of all videos, which makes it easy to spot popularity amongst movie viewers. sadly, movie sizes are fairly large.

Official website:

5. Download Any Movies

This site is a really good find anytime, any day. It offers a dual experience and option of either streaming your movies online or downloading it as you see fit. The visual quality is top-notch as almost all their movies are in HD. You can find most genres and categories such as Bollywood, Hollywood, featured, countries, year, actors.

Pros; Simple to get around and easily understood. It offers high quality (HD) movies and steaming. Cons; Ads are displayed on the website, but not as pop-ups. Ads reappear at every stage/page.

Official website:

6. Filmywap

Main features; this website is as simple as it gets, with no graphics to catch or distract the eyes. It offers a nice compilation of movie types, including; action, comedy, crime, history, mystery, biography, wars and all genres. The file formats available cuts across 3GP, MP4, and HD. you can get your mobile movies download here.

Pros; very basic navigation and page presentation, with relative ease getting to the desired movie. Cons; Ad pop-ups are a constant occurrence and always opens in a new window.

Official website:

7. C Movies HD

It is a true HD experience all through. If you are a sucker for all things HD then this movie site is an absolute go-to. Their movies give you a cinematic feel and offer Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, TV series, all genres and everything in-between you can think of. It also allows the user to either stream movies online or downloads as hey so, please.

Pros; All movies and website contents are in HD. It offers an engaging experience and vast movies. Cons; Pop-ups are normal. AdBlocker can be enabled or simply close to every pop-up window.

Official website:

8. FouMovies

Main features; This site offers movies of all types and allows you to sort or search for movies according to country, genre, language (English and Hindi) and year, even dating far back as you want to go. The webpage is very imposing and movie thumbnails allow you to get right into it, as you navigate for your choice.

Pros; Offers a wide array of movie choices to pick from. It offers English and Hindi language movies. Cons; Pop-ups keep come up twice is you click on anything, but stops after the second time.

Official website:

9. Moviewatcher

Main features; Moviewatcher is a very unique site, it provides users with the ability to watch movies that are currently in Cinemas, and the ability to stream movies online in BluRay and HD quality: 720p or 1080p. It also gives the user the option to download any movie. All types and genres of movies are offered by Moviewatcher. It equally offers a movie ratings.

Pros; Best HD quality: 720p or 1080p and BluRay quality movies. Download or streaming option. Cons; There are a lot of thumbnails on the site and takes a while to load.

Official website:

10. GO Download Movies

Main features; the website has a simple landing page and a well-organized flow of genres, covering romance, horror, sci-fi, drama, comedy, animation, action, thriller and documentary. At every click, the website goes straight to the exact content, no distractions nor distortions of view by pop-ups. HD and other formats are available and accessible.

Pros; No delays. Offers ease of access to identifying and reaching the content (movie) of choice. Cons; there is really not much as far as cons go.

Official website:

11. Movie No Limit

Main features; Movienolimit offers BluRay and HD quality movies, the website interface is hard to miss and looks very professional, its offers TV Series, new movies, and all genres are represented, as well as movie search based on Year of release. The movie thumbnail for each movie allows the site visitor to spot and momentarily appraise a movie.

Pros; Great quality movies in HD and BluRay, with streaming and download options to go with. Cons; Pop-ups show up at the click of any button on the webpage.

Official website:

12. AVI Mobile Movies

This is yet another best free movie download site for mobile. Mobile Movies is a very direct, simple and easy to navigate free movie download website, it offers Hollywood, Bollywood and a vast array of genres. The website simply displays the names or titles of each movie as a listing on the site, making it super easy to scroll, and navigate through based on pages after pages.

Pros; Direct access to movies without hassles nor any sort of delay. Works on a slow connection. Cons; Pop-ups open up on a new window and can be closed without any trouble.

Official website:


The above list provides you with quite a number of options to go with, in your search for the best sites to download Bollywood movies in HD, including Hollywood movies, as well as meeting the need for free movies download websites without registration. Whichever you choose or wherever your search takes you on the internet, it’s always advisable to follow safety tips; don’t allow cookies, be sure to look out for the secured and verifies sites, and make sure not to give out for personal details on websites that are not secured. Your security and privacy always start with you.

All the websites offer an array of movie formats to chose from, such as MP4, 3GP, HD, etc.

For some people, the size of the movie download is of substantial consideration, so if you are willing to trade picture quality for movie size or format, then take the time to look up the movies in their various formats and sizes before you make up your mind which is most appropriate for your specific need or preference. It doesn’t hurt to save on data, it somewhat saves you money as well, even if you are seeking to download movies for free online.


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