April 16, 2021

Five Ways to Organize Your Wires under the Desk

Every office setting, whether at home or in a traditional office, involves wires. This becomes pronounced if you are using a PC as it can introduce more than five cords. It gets more challenging when you have to bring in things like printers, scanners, speakers, etc., as they add to the mess of wire you have to deal with there. Not only does this create an ugly scene, connecting any other hardware might seem like an arduous task.

No matter what you use your desk for, cable management is something everyone should consider. Getting rid of wire clutter can reduce distraction and enhance productivity. It, however, takes some skills to organize your wire under the desk successfully.

Cords and wires do not have to run wild and unruly around your desk and office space. You can employ simple tricks and inexpensive tools to get them off sight.

This article will shed light on simple ways to organize wires under the office desk. You will be glad to know it’s easier than it seems.

1. Run the Cables through a Hole in Your Desk

If you do not want to buy anything for your cable management, the easiest thing to do is drill a hole in your desk and run the cables right through it. This is a terrific idea if you have a desktop computer because creating a hole behind each monitor significantly reduces visible cords’ length.

Also, you can make a hole for a power cable for people that use laptops. This way, all you have to do is put your computer on your desk and connect the short cord.

Many people might grim at the idea of creating a hole on their desk, which is not surprising as it might seem counterproductive. Even though it will save space and reduce wire clutter, hiding the hole is a good idea. It is recommended to hide such holes with a desk grommet.

You can also take the help of a 50ft Extension cord to manage cables.

2. Use Special Traps Under Your Desk

If the idea of creating a hole on your desk does not seem appealing to you, there are raceways and a special tray designed to hide cables under a desk.

One will hang the tray under the desk, usually behind it, and run all the cables inside it. It is pretty easy to do and does not require disfiguring your table. There are tables built with a particular cable management system if you haven’t already purchased your desk.

These trays come in various sizes and designs. Make sure to consider the design of your desk alongside the width before choosing one. This is a good idea for people with lots of gadgets on their desk which involves bulk wires. Those special trays will look like a part of the desk, completely concealing the wire out of sight.

3. Wrap the Cables

Many people allow their cables to hang free, which leads to a mess of wires littering everywhere in their office space. This is bad in many ways, as it can be a trip hazard that could cause an accident. It is a clutter that can affect one’s production level, and it is plain unsightly. According to research, when workers finally rid their work desk of clutters, it focused and enhanced their overall productivity.

This is where a Velcro wrap comes in because you can use it to reduce the cable’s length and keep them away from your desk. In the absence of Velcro wrap, you can use zip ties.

Before reducing the cable’s length, ensure the wire is long enough to reach the power source and device. This makes it essential to measure the distance and know the required size before using a Velcro strip. This will prevent the wire from stretching or straining.

4. Employ a Cable Catch

A cable catch is a tool that provides a passageway for cables to keep them safe and in a single place. This reduces the clutter of the wires and prevents them from getting your way. The cable caught can be put safely under your desk.

Cable catch comes in varieties of colors and provides a seamless way to hide your cords. Besides, it helps secure the lines such that moving them around will not pose any issue. This is an excellent idea to prevent cables from running loose, which might cause tripping and fall in the office.

5. Use an Under-Desk privacy Screen.

With an under-desk privacy screen, you can hide your wires and cords neatly under the desk. Besides keeping the cables out of sight, it also ensures you get some privacy. This is a fancy panel with two upper slots where you can tuck the wires inside it.

Users also get a mesh pocket that can serve as additional storage for their wires. It comes in various sizes; hence, you can get a design that will fit your desk correctly.


Any clutter around us or in our workplace has a way of distracting and affecting our productivity. The chaos of wire running around your desk will not only create an ugly scene but increases the risk of an accident.

Here are five simple and stress-free ways to organize your wires under your desk. You can try this to restore order to your workspace.

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