EZTV Proxy/Mirror Sites – EZTV Unbcloked Proxy list

EZTV is an amazing torrent site specialized in TV torrents. Most of the users come to this website to access the EZTV series, an anime series that too in 720/1080p quality with subtitles? How good is that? And the cool thing about EZTV is that it provides all the series EZTV show list that is easy to find. You can just search for your favorite TV series and start downloading.

EZTV and RSS are currently blocked many areas of Europe, mostly in Italy and the United Kingdom. Australia also restricted on the user level. So, If you are from these areas, seeing EZTV not working, can be very frustrating thing to feel. Don’t worry, there are some solutions to that. But you cant access it via your browser anymore. Yes! We need Proxy sites for EZTV.

EZTV Proxy/Mirror Sites

If you want to unblock EZTV torrents via its main domain on your internet connection you will need a list of proxy sites or a VPN connection. I recommend Nord VPN. However, you will still need EZTV proxy list which is working. below I have provided a list of EZTV proxy and EZTV Mirrors so that you can use them to access your favorite TV torrent site.

The list of EZTV Proxy Sites (EZTV New sites)

These EZTV proxy sites provided below are clones of the original EZTV torrent site. These new EZTV sites have the same design, torrents, and indexes as the original domain. The only difference is that they operate from a different domain name.

EZTV Proxy/Mirror

Website URL
Fast EZTV Proxy
EZTV Unblocked
New EZTV Proxy
Unblocked 1337x Mirror
EZTV Mirror
Free EZTV Proxy Unblocked

The above EZTV Proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in countries where EZTV is not blocked yet. So, in case if you find any problem accessing the original EZTV torrents, you can simply click on one of these eztv proxies and it will spontaneously unblock the site for you.

EZTV Mirrors list

EZTV torrents currently is the most blocked torrent sites in the world. Because of that, some of the EZTV proxy sites might not help you to unblock the EZTV show list. So, If none of the EZTV proxy sites are not working, then try the EZTV mirror sites below.

Because there is a patch series of blockages around the world when trying to access EZTV, you may find that some or all of the EZTV Proxy/Mirror sites I have provided above are currently not available for you. The only thing left is to use a VPN while browsing EZTV Torrents Proxy or Mirror sites. Instructions can be found below.

How to Unblock EZTV Torrents with a VPN

To browse the internet safely and download the content from EZTV torrents or its alternatives, you must use a VPN. A VPN can help you hide your identity, location and more. Nord VPN is solid for this. By using a VPN you can save yourself from the headache of facing legal issues down the road. Just take two minutes of your time and use a VPN while torrenting.

Follow the steps below to use a VPN while browsing torrent sites.

step 1: Download and Install Nord VPN or your choice. You can check the latest VPN offers here

Step 2: Now connect to the VPN from your computer

Step 3: Bookmark this article, as we will update this article with the latest EZTV Official proxies and mirror sites frequently.

Step 4: Now Click on any one of the EZTV unblocked sites from the table above it will securely unblock the site for you.

Sites like EZTV Alternatives

For any reason If EZTV is not working for you or you want to try some EZTV alternatives for a difference below are some recommendations. These EZTV alternatives may have fewer TV content. However, they will fulfill your needs at the moment.

1. Project Free TV

Project free Tv is one of the best alternatives to EZTV torrents in terms of a number of aired shows currently you can watch. The website is a haven for TV series followers. Apart from TV Shows, It also provides movies, new releases, etc.

Official website:

2. Extratorrents

Extratorrents doesn’t require any introduction. One of the popular torrents sites the recent times. It is also popular for providing TV Shows.

Official website:

3. ETTV Torrents

ETTV is yet another popular choice among TV Series lovers. Users can find the content on the website by Genre, Year, TV Shows based on quality. Meanwhile, all popular TV shows are featured on the homepage.

Official website:


I hope this guide on how to unblock EZTV torrents by using EZTV Proxy/Mirror sites was helpful. What is your favorite method to access the EZTV series? If you find any best EZTV alternatives that are overlooked here, please share them in the comment section below.

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