Coolmoviez – One Stop Source for All Illegal Movies

Do you want to watch free movies on your mobile or PC? so this guide will give you the best source to stream movies on your device. Now Comes to the point, actually today I am going to review the notorious movies streaming torrent  Coolmoviez.

Actually, Coolmoviez is an unauthorized torrent online to watch and download movies for free. If you want to watch free movies then Coolmoviez is perfectly fit for you. It will offer you a wide variety of movies without demanding anything to return. It does not require any subscription or registration to stream your desired movies on its website.

Coolmoviez became boon for those who want to watch movies on mobile or pc, tablets instead of going to any the theatres and buy a ticket.  besides, it will save your ticket and traveling charges. Yet, you want to know more about Coolmoviez so let’s continue reading.


Why CoolMoviez is So Popular?

Even there are numerous torrents online, Coolmoviez is something special than others. Because it has advanced and unique features than its competitors. It has a vast collection of movies on its portal. Yet, ha been contributing blockbuster movies of various languages. Here, you are able to watch movies on all most all Indian languages. Such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and more.

If you want to stream all your favorite movies for free, Coolmoviez will allow you to stream unlimited movies without any restrictions. Yet, you are able to stream movies on different qualities like 36p,480p,720,1080p. Besides, you can select your video quality according to your requirement. Moreover,  if you want to save your mobile storage, you can watch unlimited movies of your favorite stars, or else you can download movies to watch offline with HD quality.

Coolmoviez has a simple and user-friendly interface with amazing movie categories. Its portal has a horror, comedy,sci_fi, thriller, drama, adventure, romance movies. Apart from that, it will offer you kids entertainments like animated movies, cartoons. Yet, you can listen to your favorite music on Coolmoviez. Besides, you can download them to listen offline.

If you make it your choice to stream your favorite movies then it will offer you even Punjabi, Bengali, Bhojpuri movies without paying anything Return for Coolmoviez. Yet, it has been leaking almost every blockbuster movie of all the film industries. However, it is hugely affecting the entire film industry with its illegal distribution.

How to Access CoolMoviez Safely?

Coolmoviez is a user-friendly platform.  It allows its users to watch and download unlimited movies without any troubles while you accessing it. So, guys, you can access Coolmovies friendly, even if you are new to access Coolmovies don’t bother you can easily access it with the help of this guide. In this guide, we will explain to you, how to access Coolmoviez safely on your device without any annoyances. Just you have to follow a few steps when you want to access Coolmoviez.

Step1: You have to download the VPN app to protect your  mobile data from the third party

Step2: Then, Open a VPN software and connect it to your device and select your location where Coolmoviez is available.

Step3: After this process, you have to browse with Coolmoviezs original site or its other domains.

Step4: Then, you are able to download your favorite desired stuff from safely without any annoyance.

 Alternatives to CoolMoviez

Coolmoviez was an unauthorized torrent, whatever it has been providing is completely illegal. Even though, It was illegal, it has been entertaining its users with its Vast collection of movies and free service. Besides, it is attracting people with its illegal distribution. However, it has been affecting the whole film industry and box office collections. So we don’t know how long Coolmoviez with us. Because there is a chance to ban Coolmoviez due to piracy issues.

So, it’s better to have some alternatives to Coolmoviez to continue your enjoyment by watching free movies. For this, I have listed some best sites like Coolmoviez, all these will contribute to your desired movies for free as Coolmoviez.

Legal Alternatives

Here we are given some legal sources, All these sites will offer your required movies with a high-quality video. You never see any ad break annoyances while you watching your favorite movies on these sources. But here you have to pay a small amount of money as its subscription free.





MX player




Yupp TV


Prime Video


Disney Hotstar

Free Alternatives like Coolmoviez

This list of sites completely free to stream like Coolmoviez, yet these are illegal sources. All these sites will offer your desired movies stuff with high-quality video. But the only, issue with these sources is piracy, whatever, you stream through these torrent sites is completely illegal distribution. You have to keep in one thing before you going to stream on illegal sites is, watching and downloading movies through illegal ways is considered a punishable offense.

Madras Rockers












Of course, Coolmoviez has become boon for the netizens to watch their required movies at their comfort place without any cost. But, it has been hugely affecting the whole film industry with its illegal distribution. So, You have to keep in mind while you choose illegal sites as your choice of streaming free movies online is, streaming movies through illegal ways is a punishable offense. It is considered as a huge crime. So, what my advice to all my readers is, it’s better and safe to stream your desired movies online through legitimates ways than unlawful sites.