May 21, 2021

Can CBD Be An Alternate Medicine? Find Out Now!

The use of CBD has been on the rise ever since discoveries of its therapeutic effects. Manufacturers modernized the use of this compound and can now be easily consumed in various ways. Back in January of 2020, researchers find out about 1 out of 7 Americans use the product personally (learn more) and about 20% of them are young adults. Some claimed they do not know what the product is all about. Nonetheless, the popularity of the compound is still on the rise starting from the niche community surrounding it.

Medicines have been used for centuries now, even during the times when technology was still stones and iron. Herbs were mainly used by our ancestors back then to treat diseases and wounds. As time passed, many plagues had invaded throughout history, and we were forced to research medicine to find a cure for certain diseases. Today, scientists continued to manufacture newer medicines for modern-day diseases.

Can CBD be an alternative to some medicine? Is CBD itself considered a medicine? Continue to read and find out more about the magic of the compound! Below are the known facts about the compound.

CBD 101: Facts About Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the 113 found cannabinoids in cannabis plants. It is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940 and takes up about 40% of the plant when extracted from the leaves, stems, and flowers. According to research, side effects of cannabidiol do not include becoming addicted and “high”, unlike its sister compound, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The use of THC in over 0.3% of its level remained illegal to use or formulated, while CBD has been approved to be used for personal use.

There are various ways to consume cannabidiol as I stated in the introduction. Those ways include smoking, vaping, ingesting, and absorbing in some parts of the body. Many manufacturers like the cheefbotanicals produce mediums for consumption like CBD vape cartridges and CBD Oil. Different ways of consuming affect the magic of the cannabinoid when used.

Different Ways To Take CBD

1. Vaping

As stated above, there are available vape juice cartridges in the market mixed in with the phytocannabinoid. Vaping the compound is one of the fastest and most effective ways to consume since it gets absorbed in the lungs. Additionally, the magic of the compound is deteriorated through this route, making it effective. However, there are still factors that affect the magic of CBD in the body, and those factors are:

  • Body mass
  • Amount of juice
  • Number of puffs when used

2. Smoking

Cannabidiol comes in hemp flowers that could be used for smoking too! There are available cigarettes in the market for it, and hemp flowers can also be bought if you planned to use a pipe. Smoking the cannabinoid is another fast and effective way of consuming.

3. Ingesting

There are three mediums you can ingest, and they are CBD oil, paste, and gummies. Ingesting is a bit slower and less effective due to the route which is through the stomach, and it has some stopgaps before going to the brain for use. Nonetheless, this is the traditional way and many consumers find it more convenient than the first 2 ways!

4. Other Ways To Absorb Cannabidiol

There are 2 additional absorption routes you can use to consume the compound, and these are through smearing it on the skin and dropping a dose sublingually. This could only work using 2 mediums, the oil, and paste, and they have the properties capable for those routes. The sublingual route is under the tongue; it is filled with capillaries that could easily absorb the oil or paste. Smearing on the skin, especially on the inflamed parts, is where cannabidiol works its magic!

Medical Benefits Of CBD

On to the main topic of the article. There are several therapeutic effects from the compound, and many of them are utilized to tend to some diseases. Unfortunately, the FDA only approved a few products to use for medical cases like the Epidiolex (link: ), which used to treat severe and rare cases of epilepsy. So for now, no doctor will prescribe you CBD products to treat medical cases!

However, that does not mean the benefits of using cannabidiol are nonexistent. There are solid researches on their effects on our body. If cannabidiol is not used to “treat” diseases, it helps maintain equilibrium in our body, which is still a good plus! So without further ado, here are some proven benefits of the cannabinoid.

1. It Prevents Seizures

The main selling point of the compound is making the person relax. In seizures, there is an involuntary muscle contraction in parts of the body, triggered by the brain, and it could be lethal. Since cannabinoid is a relaxant, it both relaxes the muscle and the brain. It is used before any seizure could occur; hence it helps prevent it!

2. Anti-Anxiety

For those who have anxiety attacks, uncontrolled worries, or fear of the unknown, this product would be a help to you! Research suggests that cannabidiol helps relax the brain, preventing anxiety and impending attacks. It is also a great way to stop those thoughts that makes you worry about something.

3. Helps In Relieving Pain

CBD has an analgesic effect that helps relieve pain. There are also claims that it eases chronic pain for cancer patients. Smearing the oil medium on the body that hurts helps relieve pain and for excruciating pain, it is better to ingest the cannabidiol or administer in routes that are absorbed faster.

Other Effects Include:

  • Promotes sleep
  • Improves mood
  • Decreases inflammation
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