March 16, 2021

Binomo is a reliable Service for online trading in India

It would not be wrong to state that trading online is one of the most rapidly growing trends all over the globe. Of course, India is not an exception. Although it is not easy to pick the most suitable and safe platform to use. But the Binomo online trading platform offers its convenient service for traders and makes itself really reasonable to choose. In this review, we are going to explain the reasons for trading on Binomo in India.

What is the Binomo investment trade?

Binomo gives its safe and client-focused service via its website and app, offering a number of asset trading opportunities for the users. It has been running legally since it was founded by the Dolphin Corp in 2014, and getting additional income through Binomo is based on your forecast of how the asset price will change. But before trading, you should still make sure that the platform is reliable. So, is Binomo real or fake and legal in India?

Is Binomo a scam?

Besides its convenient usage, Binomo stands as an online trading platform that you can trust undoubtedly. We are aware of the difficulty of choosing a platform to trade online in India, but Binomo is one of the best platforms thanks to its secure service.

To make you also sure about the answer to “Is Binomo a fraud?”, we are going to give a few sources:

  • In order to ensure that Binomo provides its quality services worldwide, including India, the Financial Commission has certified the platform. This organization ensures that the rights of customers who use the trading platform are not violated and their funds are insured. The certificate from the Financial Commission gives the public key to the understanding that the Binomo service is trustworthy.
  • Besides that, a VMT(Verify My Trade) Certificate has also been given to Binomo to state the platform’s credibility. To check if Binomo is a scam or not, 5,000 trades on Binomo are checked by VMT every month.
  • Apart from the certificates, there are also awards that Binomo was given, indicating if it is safe or not. In 2015, the FE Award was won by the platform. And in the following year, the IAIR Award was given to Binomo which was stated as “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy”.

It is pretty reasonable to count on these statements while considering the platform’s safety.

How to use Binomo?

Before entering the world of trading, you need to register on the platform and understand how to use Binomo. Below are the main points to look out for.

Sign In and log in

It is acceptable to say that registration on Binomo is not difficult. The process is no different from those that you have carried out on other websites. You can also select your preferred language on, such as Hindi.

  1. After you go to the website of the platform, you will notice the yellow “Sign In” button.
  2. Once you click it, as the next step you can use a Google account that you own to sign up. Besides, any basic email account will get you through this step.
  3. Set a password, after that you will choose the currency you prefer to use while trading. The set currency cannot be changed later.
  4. After this, reading and accepting the terms of the Client Agreement, you will get a new account. Activate it through the link that Binomo sends to you, and you are ready to go.

Note! To log in to Binomo, click “Login” and enter the email address and password you provided during registration.

Demo Account

In addition to the three other types of accounts that Binomo offers, all registered users are provided with a Demo account for trading practice. The demo account comes with a virtual $1000 that was funded by Binomo. Through these funds, novice traders are able to get an education by using it as a real fund for trading. It is also a great way of discovering how the platform works. Please note that you will not be able to withdraw any of the income you have made through it.

Note! If you are thinking about how to play Binomo, then we hasten to disappoint you. This is not a platform to play. Here, users trade assets using analytical data and their knowledge of online trading.

How to deposit and withdraw funds?

After you get into the world of Binomo, you will also notice that the deposit and withdrawal processes are as practical as the registration. There are a number of options that work as a go-between for the income of yours to choose from such as e-wallets or bank cards. It is important to remember though: due to security reasons, you can withdraw your funds only using the method that was already used for the deposit at least once.

You can make a deposit to Binomo through the Cashier section. The minimum deposit for traders from India is $5 (350 Rp.). If you invest a total of more than $500 in trading on Binomo, then a Gold account will become available to you, and if a total more than $1000 – a VIP account. Naturally, the higher the account status, the more benefits the trader receives.

Withdrawing funds from Binomo is also easy. You need to press the button “Withdraw funds”, specify the amount and method of payment. For example, traders from India can use Indian exchanger, NetBanking, PayTm or GlobePay. The withdrawal time takes from a few minutes to 3 days or more (depends on the type of your account and payment system).

Trading on Binomo

So it’s time to trade. You will realize why we were saying that the Binomo has convenient usage.

If you are looking to learn the ways of trading, or just to improve yourselves with the new ones, there is a section named “Strategies” that includes methods of market analysis. Those are suitable for both starters and experienced traders and will make you aware of the exceptional ways of trading. In the “Strategies” section, looking at the Beginner type first would be our recommendation.

Education and tutorials

Binomo is offering a number of ways for the users about their trading education. Besides all the progress you are experiencing once you start to use a Binomo demo account, it also gives a service called “Help Center”. In case of any questions you might consider, the section does its best to give you the answers you are looking for.

Also, the traders have the chance to experience the “Tournaments”. With those, the users are able to up the trade skills. While investing online, these tournaments are considered really essential to check the development, realize the progress of the education and test the learnings.

Download the Binomo app

Another feature of Binomo that should make the platform user-friendly is the app. And, it is pretty similar to any download that you have made so far. The users that use the iOS devices need to download it through the App Store. For the ones who go with Android devices, the Google Play Store is where you can download the Binomo app. In case of any problems that might occur during the process, the platform also runs through an Apk at, which is for Android users only though.


Keeping all these features and aspects in mind, we think it is pretty reasonable to say Binomo has a lot to offer for those who are getting into the world of trading online. It is always essential to remember the risks that the area involves such as losing the deposit partly or totally, or not having a continuous trade success. However, it is obvious that these come with any other platform. So, Binomo is right here for the traders who are aware of these notions. If you are also in the intention of getting into a trustworthy online trading platform in India, giving it a shot is what we would recommend. Hope you also have a pleasant experience on Binomo!

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