August 5, 2020

Bigflix Review – is it the Biggest Rival to Netflix in India?

Do you want to stream your favorite movies on your device instead of going to the theatres? so there are numerous sources available for you online. Some of them are free to stream and some platforms are video-on-demand services. If you choose your choice as a free streaming site, those are pirated movie contributing torrents. So, there are many inconveniences you have to face like the quality of the video, speed, and more.

Apart from that, watching movies in illegal ways is a punishable offense. So it’s better to make your choice of streaming in a legal way. If you stream movies on legitimate sites they give you a convenience to watch and download a high-quality video with high speed. Yet, you never face advertisement breaks while you streaming on legal sites. But, all those are video-on-demand services, so you have to pay some money for them to watch movies with HD quality without any annoyance.

Watching movies on legitimate sites is very safe than unlawful torrent sites online. So, even there are many videos on-demand services available online,  today I am going to discuss the best one of them, that is Bigflix. Even there are many sites accessible online, Bigflix was something special than others. Let see whats that.


What Type of Content Does Bigflix have?

Bigflix is a leading video-on-demand service with over 2000+ HD movies across all the languages of India. Besides, it is a personal blockbuster theatre itself. It allows its users to watch all blockbuster movies of various languages. You can watch all your favorite films from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Bigflix was launched in India by reliance entertainment after Netflix came to India as an entertainment platform. From then onwards, Bigfilx has been a tough rival for Netflix to entertain people with its massive collection of movies on its platform with video-on-demand service. It has over 4 million registered users for its platform.

It allows you to watch classic movies, horror, comedy, thriller,  kids entertainment animated movies in HD. Apart from that, it will contribute to top-rated tv shows, web series, and short films of various languages in various formats. Besides, it is compatible with all devices like Android, Apple, and more. Yet, it will allow its users to watch HD blockbusters any time anywhere, across carrier mobiles, PC, tablets, Smart tv, DT, and more.

Features of Bigflix

Bigflix offers a wide variety of movie collections on its portals yet it has unique features than others.

  • It will offer you everything at a reasonable price in its subscription than a huge amount of subscription-free.
  • Bigflix allows its users to watch and download their desired movies with a high-quality video. Besides, it gives the convenience to you to select your quality according to your requirement. It will offer your favorite content in various formats like 360p,480p,720p, and 1080p.
  • Here, you can watch and download 2000+ blockbuster HD movies, web series, top-rated tv-shows and more in just one subscription it will offer you for free up to one month after subscription.
  • Big flix allows you to stream your favorite movies on your devices like mobile,pc tablet and etc. Yet, it will compatible with any devices.
  • It allows you to watch and download unlimited movies with on subscription.

Bigflix has been attracting users with is its amazing features yet, it is really the biggest rival for Netflix.

How to Access Bigflix Safely?

If you are new to Bigflix so don’t bother because it was a user-friendly platform. So even if you are new to this, you can easily catch your desired movie with the help of this guide. For this no need to do anything to watch and download movies on Bigflix just you have to follow below a few steps that enough for it.

Step1: Firstly, you have to install the app Download manager from the play store.

Step2: After the installation of a Download manager, Run the Download manager.

Step3: Go to the website and download your desired movies.

Step4: You can start playing movies after 20% download is completed then Double click on the play button to play the movie.

Step5: Then you have to enter the user name and password in the popup window. then click on submit and enjoy your favorite movie on Bigflix.

Bigflix Alternatives

There are numerous sites like Bigflix online all those are legitimate sites yet, best competitors to Bigflix. So, you can stream your desired content through any one of them if you are unable to stream on Bigflix due to any reasons. I have listed some best alternatives to Bigflix below. All these sites are also video-on-demand services as Bigflix you have to get a subscription to use them.




Yupp TV


Prime Video



Disney Hotstar

Final note

Bigflix is the right platform to watch and download HD quality movies online safely without any inconvenience. It was completely a legitimate entertainment platform in India, Yet, it is the best competitor for the notorious entertainment platform Netflix.

If you want to stream on any unlawful and pirated sites then, you will definitely get some inconveniency while you watching movies. Yet they are not safe to use, watching movies through illegal ways is a huge crime. So, I suggest you make legitimate sites like Bigflix and its alternatives of your choice to streaming all your favorite movies without any disturbances.

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