December 7, 2019

Top 16 Best Internet Archive Wayback machine alternatives 2020

Are you looking for some alternatives to wayback machine Internet archive? If yes, you are in the right place. Today, in this article I will be sharing a list of best wayback machine alternatives to access the internet archive. So in case, internet doesn’t work, you can make use of these wayback machine alternatives below. I personally used some of these internet archives and they are perfect.

Wayback machine is an awesome website mostly known by internet marketers and bloggers. It is described as the digital archive of WWW (World Wide Web) and other information produced on the Internet. It is a non-profit organization that allows netizens to see how a particular website was looked like in the past.

The wayback machine allows access to the archived content from 1996 to the present. You can see the website in the past even though the content is not available on the source website at the moment. It provides a feature called ‘snapshots’ using which anybody can see how a web page was looked at a particular point of time. The website holds more than 10 billion web pages and requires at least 100TB of storage. It has also got a special collection where it features a few sites that were important to the early internet and they called web pioneers.

Using its Internet archive, for instance, you can see how ‘elite tricks’ was used in its early stages. Even though everything was not shown the wholeness of the archive is outstanding. Nowadays many of us use wayback machine to access the deleted data and to create some business strategies. Wayback machine gives us the power to see the history of the website and its journey from the beginning.

Best Wayback machine alternatives

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1. is one of the best wayback machine alternatives I have used so far. The website looks simple and serves its purpose. It stores snapshots of webpages and displays the page even the original one disappeared. It is also known as time capsule for webpages.

But when it comes to saved pages, archived pages, it doesn’t have the active elements such as scripts etc. When you type website URL and Hit enter you will find two tabs one for accessing the snapshot and the other one helps you to take a screenshot of the page. You can even download the code and its screenshots.

Official website:

2. is yet another best alternatives to wayback machine internet archive. It has a database of 250Million screenshots. Though it is a fraction of what wayback machine does, however, it does provide the benefit of Domain Tools API, which gives a greater insight into when the domain was registered, how many times the ownership has changed etc.

unlike wayback machine, it only saves the homepage that too as an image, no codes, no scripts, etc just plain screenshot. It links the thumbnails to whois lookup database.

Update: The website has shutdown and they are no more operational.

Official website:

3. Webcite

Webcite is yet another best alternative to wayback machine however it differentiates itself from the former. It offers specific screenshots of the author cited references demanded by writers, editors, and publishers. Google’s and’s raw approach to archiving limits their ability to do this.

The functionality of this website is better suited for writers and editors. However, only a limited number of sites have archived using this site. When I tried my website “elite tricks” it was not giving me any results. Moreover, it is not accepting any archiving requests now.

Official website:

4.Competitor Screenshots

Competitor screenshots is yet another useful web archive site similar to that is used to compare brands if you are looking to build a marketing strategy. Basically it is a combination between and page freezer alternative.

You can compare the brand’s screenshots, social media activity, email campaigns to find their success formula. It has a free sign up option using which you can access the website data over the past 60 days. To look further it would cost $120 per month with extra features.

Official Website:

5. iTools

iTools is quite different from Wayback machine alternatives. It provides the complete details of a website like its traffic, Alexa rank, whois information and more. What I like about iTools is that it also shows the competitors of the desired website. It is mostly useful for internet marketers to peak into their competitors and their strategy.

Official website:

6. Stillio

Stillio is yet another trusted web archives and best alternative to wayback machine. Unlike the Wayback machine, you can capture everything including text, images, typography, video stills, graphs, or any other element. You can control what to capture at what time.

What I like about stillio is that you can save the archive data on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier etc. Users also get email notification when a new screenshot has been taken. The service is free to use. However, if you want to explore more features subscription starts from $29.

Official website:

7. Page Freezer

Page freezer is yet another awesome website like Wayback machine. This is the most consistent and recalled web history checker tool. Page freezer uses the same technology as Google for crawling web pages. By using page freezer you can not only archive your website data for compliance but also social media content too.

At page freezer, you can save your website data minute by minute like updates, deletes and many. What I like about page freezer is that you can archive social media content like Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

Official website:

8. Alexa


Started as a URL shortener then turned into a web archive site. works similar to by saving the protected pages on the website. That is something that made me add this site into the list of best internet archive sites like Wayback machine.

So, basically what it does is create links to the website hidden pages even though the page is publicly not accessible. You log in to your Google account to use this website.

Official Website:

Wrapping Up

These are the best Wayback machine alternatives we picked and made into this list of internet archive sites. These sites are totally trusted and working and serve a different purpose for writers, bloggers, and internet marketers to peek into website strategies, growth, and other details. I hope this list of web archive sites were helpful. From this list of web archive sites, you can choose a desired one which meets your requirements. If you find any other best alternative sites to Wayback machine, please share them in the comment section below. Also, let me know what is your go-to choice from the list of internet archive Wayback machine alternatives above.

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