April 5, 2021

Best Goodies to Fill Your Easter Basket With

It’s nearly Easter and the time to eat lots of chocolate (right?). Easter is often described as a time for children to enjoy treats but this doesn’t mean that adults don’t enjoy indulging too. With this in mind, here are some of the best goodies to fill your Easter basket with this year!

Personalised Eggs

With the right company, you’ll find personalised eggs whether you want one for yourself or for your partner, siblings, children, or others. Inside a delicious chocolate egg, you can include a personalised message or even a photograph. Imagine the surprise on your loved one’s face as they crack open the egg and find a message and photo inside.

Vegan Eggs

Just because people make a choice to eat a vegan diet, this doesn’t mean they should be left out of the festivities. Thankfully, it’s getting easier and easier to find vegan chocolate eggs these days.

Colouring Book

Children are likely to get lots of chocolate at this time of year, so perhaps you want to fill their basket with other items. For example, some children love colouring books. With one search online, you’ll find personalised colouring books and books of ALL themes. Whether they like Marvel films, animals, or sports, you’ll find them all within seconds.

Rocky Road Easter Egg

Sometimes, plain chocolate just isn’t going to cut it, and this is why more people are experimenting with different eggs. For example, this includes nutty eggs and rocky road eggs. Of course, pay attention to potential allergies (you don’t want a desperate trip to the emergency room on Easter Sunday!).

Like something from heaven, the rocky road easter egg will have marshmallows and peanuts built into the shell of the egg. If you prefer, you could even try putting M&Ms or another sweet treat into the shell itself.

Special Chocolate Designs

Whether for yourself or a loved one, why choose a boring, simple egg when you’ll find all sorts of special designs to match their character? Some companies sell eggs shaped like a shoe, sports equipment, faces, dinosaurs, animals, penguins, rabbits, and even smartphones. That’s right – you’ll find chocolate shaped like a smartphone. This makes for a perfect joke gift if your significant other struggles to pull themselves away from their devices.

Soft Toys

Smaller children especially will appreciate seeing soft toys in their Easter basket; it could be a toy of their favourite Disney character or perhaps a character from a TV show. Either way, they get something to keep when all the Easter chocolate has been eaten (probably not long after Easter!).

Significant Present

If you’re filling an Easter basket for your partner, this could be the right time to do something big that they aren’t expecting. This could be an engagement ring, a key to your home, a pregnancy scan (getting pregnant just for this surprise isn’t advised!), or news of a promotion. If the big event just happens to coincide with Easter, just watch as they uncover personalised Easter gifts in their own Easter basket.


It’s important to put something that has a longer life than chocolate into an Easter basket and a book is an ideal gift. Even for teenagers, it could pull them away from their games console, phones, and other devices.

The very best Easter baskets are filled with tasty chocolate treats as well as items that last a little longer. With the chocolate elements, you no longer need to stick to the norm when amazing personalised and shaped chocolates exist. Have fun with Easter this year!

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