Best Apps to Track a Mobile location in 2020

Do you want to track someone’s mobile location without them knowing?. If yes, So you are in the right place!. Because in this article,  I am going to explain which apps are ablest to track your targeted one’s mobile location secretly. Besides, you can learn how to track a mobile using these applications in this guide. Additionally,  it will give you some awareness of how people can track your phone if you don’t know till now. Because every mobile user needs to have some idea of tracking.

What are the advantages of tracking

Every responsible parent needs to keep their kids safe with location tracking. Because sometimes kids skip school or college and will go to any party or tours or any other places without apprising parents or teachers. So, by keeping tabs on their location you may look out for them.

And one more thing is if you are a manager, you could monitor your employee’s locations through their work phones. If someone takes an off day claiming to be sick but their location tracker shows they are at nearby any restaurant, then you will decide they lied to you.

Besides you can also use the location tracker to find your missed phone. So, let’s see what are the best Apps to track any mobile for free.


Cocospy is remote monitoring and parental control application. It is used by parents who want to keep an eye on their kids remotely and protect them from strangers.  Besides,  the managers or businessmen looking to monitor their employees. By using Cocospy you can spy any android or ISO device. Moreover, it will help you to track calls, messages, Apps of your targeted ones.

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Few Simple steps to Use Cocospy.

1. Registration and preparation.
2. Install Cocospy on the target Android phone or any targeted device.
3. View monitored data.
And you have to follow some instructions like
  • Firstly you have to signup for Cocospy.
  • Then install the Cocospy app from the play store.
  • Tracking online data form the control panel after installation. All these are very simple steps to use Cocospy.

2. The one spy

The one spy is another popular tracker of targeted mobiles. This is also a well-working tracker as a Cocospy. Moreover, it has amazing features you can track any  Android or iso with this tool the one spy.

Track all outbound, inbound, missed calls and conversations of a target mobile from anywhere through this one spy.

TheOneSpy mobile app call logs & recording feature allows you to record the conversations without any glitches in it.

TheOneSpy Android Mobile Parental Control & Monitoring Software ...

Features of the one spy

  • Keep the track of all incoming and outgoing voice calls
  • Record both-side conversations without missing out anything
  • Track the GPS location of the target device through the phone number
  • Control & restrict incoming calls by blocking a specific phone number
  • Track all the voice notes from IMs.

If you want to get the one spy mobile tracker you have to pay for it.

3. iCloud

iCloud is the best way to track an iPhone location. If you sign up for iCloud, you will automatically get 5GB of free storage. So, you can use this storage to back up your project and hold all of your photos, videos, documents, and messages stored securely and updated everywhere. No need to download any app just you have to go to the iCloud website and sign in using the iCloud credentials of the device you wish to monitor. Then the device location right there on the screen.

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4. Spyic

Spyic is well tracking App and moreover, it will give a tough competition for Cocospy in tracking. It is compatible with all iPhones, iPods, tablets on android4. By using Spyic you can track any data like calls, messages, apps, photos, locations, and more of your targeted device. Spyic is an undetectable app, the other people never know until you tell them yourself. Besides, it is very easy to use only 5minuts to take for setup.

Simple steps to track with Spyic

Spyic Cell Phone Tracker: Best Monitoring Software Online

5. Geo tracker

Geo Tracker is another best tool to track location for adventure freaks. It will allow newcomers to track the location based on the aspired destinations. Besides, It allows citizens to keep the routes and provides the facility to view the saved routes and share them via email. Ability to track the route of the selected locations. Besides, you can use it to get a geographical location of the managed mobile device. This is also a good tracking app like Cocospy, spyic.


I hope this guide will give you an awareness of tracking the mobile location of your girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, friends, and your employees or any of your targeted ones. There are various methods to track mobile but not all tracking apps deliver what they promise. So you need to look at the quality of service offered by the tool in comparison with the price

You have to learn every app’s pros and cons before committing them. I am sure all the above-mentioned apps are best in tracking. So,  you can track any targeted mobile with this guideline without them knowing. If I forget to mention any good mobile tracker. Let me know in the comment section.

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