April 14, 2020

Anilinkz | Top 8 Working Alternatives to Anilinkz for free in 2020

Do you love to watch animes?. of course, everyone has a habit of watching animes these days. From a little to an old one are crazy about watching animes. Because animes entertaining us a lot than normal films. Furthermore, animes have real emotions. Even though, they have not real characters. Of course, I am also an anime enthusiast. Yes, I love to watch animes. If you are also an anime enthusiast so, you are in the right place. Because I am going to suggest the best source is Anilinkz watch animes online for free.


What is Anilinkz?

Anilinkz is a site where lots of people spending a lot of time to watch their favorite anime online. It has a huge collection of animes. Here you can watch English subbed anime series online. Moreover, it will provide you best anime series including Dragon ball super, Attack on Titan, Fairy tail and one-piece.

Anilikz has good popularity from online users. Lots of users visit this site frequently. Moreover, they are enjoying their free service of anime streaming online. But from the past few days, this site is unable to access due to copyrighted issues. That means Anilinkz was banned by ISP( Internet service provider).

The Anilinkz users are disappointing from then onwards. So, I am searching for some working sites like Anilinkz.

In this article, I am list out Top 8 alternatives like Anilinkz. All these are well-working sites in 2020 like Anilinkz.

Let see below what are those.

Top 8 best working Alternatives to Anilinkz in 2020 for free.

1. Anime lab

Anime lab is a site to stream anime. It will contribute to thousands of latest episodes as soon as one hour after broadcasting.  Moreover, It fast tracks the best shows from japan to you. Anime lab has My hero academia, ID invaded, Plunderer, and etc.

Anime lab is home to freshest shows and classic smash hits. Here you can watch in English or in Japanese with subtitles. You can watch from the comfort of your living room or on the journey.

official website:


2. Anime Season

Anime Season is also one of the  Anime streaming sites online. Moreover, this is one of the best Alternatives to Anilinkz. Because it will provide you everything as same as Anilikz for free. Here you will see the full series list of Animes as well as ongoing series on its home page.

So, finding your required show or series is very easy on Anime Season. Here you can watch Darling Franxx14, Nanatsu no Taizai, Imashime no Fukkatsu 13 and etc Anime episodes on Anime Season for free online.

official website:


3. Anime nova

If you want to watch Anime movies as well as series online for free. So, Anime nova is fit for you. Because it will provide you updated Anime movies along with  Anime series. Moreover, you can watch English Subtitle with English Anime movies. So, go through the Anime nova to stream online for free.

official website:


4. Anime Planet

Here you can stream over 45,000 legal and industry supported Anime episodes online for free on Anime planet. Moreover, it will contribute to the latest Anime Recommendations, manga and Reviews also.  AnimePlanet will keep you fresh content every day on its home page.

You can see on its home page how it is updated with popular Anime this week, popular Mang this week, newest Anime Recommendations, and Manga Recommendations also. You are nothing to do to enjoy Anime streaming at Anime planet just you have to register for it. That is enough.

official website:


5. Anime simple

Anime simple allows you to watch thousands of dubbed and subbed Animes episodes. It will keep updating content frequently for its users. We can say that this is one of the best Alternatives for Anilinkz. Because it will give you the best Animes for free in HD quality online. It has Trending series, most popular and Recently added episodes of Animes on its home page.

official website:


6. KissAnime

Kissanime is a site to provide subbed and dubbed Animes for free. Moreover, it gives the convenience to watch on your mobile or PC. You can also download Animes in HD quality 480p up to 1080p mp4 format. It has Action, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, etc. Here you can also watch cartoons along with animes online for free and no need any registration.

official website:


7. Anime freaks

Anime freaks is a site to stream thousands of subbed and dubbed Animes and cartoons. It will keep you updating content on its home page. Like the latest  Anime updates, latest manga updates.  Here you can stream Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan,  Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, etc. Anime freaks allow you to stream Animes online for free and without any signup.

official website:


8. Ani watch

Ani watch is another Alternative to Anilinkz. Really it is the best source to stream Animes movies online. Because It will provide a huge collection of Animes. Like Movies, Hentais, Specials and more for free. Moreover, Ani watch will provide all these in HD without any ad disturbance.
official website:


Above all are Topmost Alternatives to Anilikz. All these will offer you the best Animes in HD online. Moreover, these are completely free streaming sites. These will help you to stream all your favorite Animes, Cartoons as same as Anilinkz. I hope all these Top 8 Alternatives to Anilikz will helpful for those who are unable to access Anilinkz and looking for its Alternatives.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this article on Top 8 Alternatives to Anilinkz for free streaming in 2020. Please share your viewpoint on this article in the comment section.








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