A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Tips and Tricks for Startups


Do you wish to grow your startup at a higher scale? Have you given a thought to social media marketing for growing your business on a higher scale? Well, according to one research, world-class leaders and entrepreneurs are taking the new leap towards social media marketing considering it as an important tool for reaching their potential clients and providing a better experience through it.

Generally, startups do not pay attention to social media platforms as compared to fundraising campaigns. This can have adverse effects on your business as social media platforms possess a wider reach across the globe and can uplift your startup to a boom.

In this article, we will be taking a look at a few most effective strategies on how you can boost your startup using social media marketing.

Research, Research & Research

First thing first, before expecting a huge response from social media; you must analyze a systematic approach for different platforms and users. Try to do extensive research about your potential users which you have kept in mind for the business plan.

Be aware of the random approaches as it will definitely waste your money and time. After tracing the potential clients, it’s time to research again with their social media behaviors and understand the behavioral patterns

Explore different social platforms

Being a startup owner, you need to be aware of specific metrics regarding your target audience. Gather information on their location, trace online behaviors, record the time spent on internet sites, research which social platform is most used by a wide number of users and how often are they using the platform.

When you conduct similar market research, it helps to define your marketing goals and saves an ample amount of time as it can confuse the target audience and turn off your brand.

Infuse a high-level marketing plan

There are plenty of marketing strategies in the form of articles, videos, and audiobooks on the internet for every business. But you might get a doubt regarding selecting the right plan; therefore, it is mandatory for every startup to formulate their own creative ideas during the initial stages.

Set some daily, weekly, and monthly targets of gaining extra followers, outgrowing your business page or one-to-one communication with potential clients, and follow it consistently to attain faster results.

Don’t run behind all platforms

It becomes mandatory for any startup to utilize the same social platform for every company post to maintain consistency. If you are using various handles, then there are higher chances of confusing your target audiences and they might miss your crucial updates.

In the present competitive world, it is utterly important to maintain a solid and clear brand identity by offering an amazing user experience that is simpler and easy to understand. All of these help you to stand out from the crowd and build a rapport with your potential audiences.

Vamp up consistency

Once you have chosen the right platform, formulated an effective marketing plan along with a sensational brand message; it’s time to grab your customer’s attention and increase engagement by posting consistently.

Initially, you may seem more enthusiastic to post on a daily or weekly basis but it is better to maintain consistency. Try to experiment with your content marketing strategies to figure out the most suitable time and day for posting the content to attract more engagement.

Try posting each week at the exact time as before to help your potential customers find you easily and understand the brand.

Build a brand message

You must have seen several fancy brands coming up with a brand message to increase customer engagement or to stay in trend. Similarly, startups can also focus on building a brand message in order to attract targeted audiences and create a reputation for their product or service.

So, how do you build such an engaging and unique brand message? Well, all you need to do is figure out what message you want to convey to the users.

Do you need to boost more about your product’s characteristics or tell them how the product can make a difference in their lives? You can convey your text in different forms be it audio, animation, stories, videos that add value to your business.

Focus on locus

Being a startup, you may get tempted away to conquer each and every social media platform for brand promotion. But you need to know that using all social media platforms can decrease your exposure and customer reach. Hence, it is better to focus on the platforms that have a wider reach to your targeted audience for yielding safe and faster results.

Automation Tools at the rescue

Startups may find it boring to post on social media platforms in the long run. Remember you are not alone in this race and if it is not possible to hire employees; social media marketing tools have got your back.

The marketing automation tools help to ease the burden of managing social media posts by pre or post-scheduling updates from a single dashboard. A few of the standard automation tools for startups are Buffer, Hubspot, and SocialFlow. These tools not only allow you to manage the content but also let you sneak peek into wider analytics based on different metrics.

In the End

As easy as you think social media marketing for a startup sounds as given in the article; it’s a more complex process. You are required to acquire the basics of social media marketing strategies by doing intense research. Focus on unique content creation and effective community engagement hacks for outperforming your competitors.

Social media is an amazing A/B tested marketing channel and therefore do not hesitate in experimenting with your strategies for gaining the best from it. If you still find it tough to manage, we’ve got you covered up. Connect with our marketing team and witness wide growth in your business in a short span of time. Stay tuned and Stay updated for more such latest trends.


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