7 Trending Tech Gadgets of 2020: Must-have New Arrivals!

When technology has just started to make progress, and we have already witnessed some cool gadgets like flip phones, 4G connection, and much more. Now, innovation and creativity have begun to reflect on Technology. The expansion of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is carving its way into technologies to produce fascinating gadgets that are capable of replacing labor-intensive activities.

Meanwhile, top companies have been paying attention to making more tech gadgets that are simply a new form of innovative, useful, and cool. Despite the current circumstances, these technologies are flourishing everywhere. So, let’s take a look at these cool tech gadgets for 2020. Read more to find out what tech offers.

The Top Cool Gadgets for the Year 2020

Technology\ical sectors have been looking into factors that are helpful to humankind in making decisions, operations, or accomplish any other tasks. It is needless to say that the progress has gone well so far. Here’s a list of the progress that mentions 7 cool tech gadgets for the year 2020.

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Have you always stressed about having a cup of coffee, but only to find out that it’s become cold in a few minutes? Well, if you like to drink hot beverages without losing its heat and warmth then this one can spike your interest.

The temperature controlling smart mug can keep the beverage lukewarm to a very hot, by thorough temperature controlling application. You can download the application to your smartphone and control the temperature. Ideally, the  SmartMug would be extremely helpful during the winter season, as drinks can get cold very quickly and easily. Its application can fight the seasonal influence and keep it warm as long as you wish.

2.  Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smart Kit

We’ve all wanted to feel the thrill of controlling light with the swing of our hands or by the touch with our palms. Well, the dream has come true. Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smart Kit consists of hexagon-shaped lights that can interact with you. Also, they can produce many amazing color patterns.

In case, you’re too lazy to put your palm on the hexagons for changing colors, you can always resort to smart controlling applications. Additionally, it consists of another feature where the hexagons can change the color or pattern based on what’s being reflected on TV. This itself makes the gadget more technologically advanced. For any difficulties, while connecting it to the smartphone device, you can take help from Mobile Repair for further help.

3. Cannabis Storage Box

Cannabis is slowly moving towards the future through legalization, and gradually along with slow but steady processes, they are being part of special acceptance. Meanwhile, cannabis production houses have a great gadget and that is Cannabis Storage.

One might think any simple box can be used as a storage space, but with technology-induced, the storage space is the next level. In terms of deception, the outside appearance shows the current time and weather. Meanwhile, on the inside, there are multiple compartments for stocking up different strains.

And the best part? It cannot be unlocked without facial recognition. AI has been implemented in such a way that no one without the authority can breach the storage. Besides, if someone who does not have access, tries to open it, you will get a notification on your device.

4. HyperVolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

Amidst the lockdown, having the feeling of a real massage is tough and nearly impossible. But keeping that in mind, technology has taken one step further. The introduction of Hyperice HyperVolt Percussion Massager comes with powerful features to provide massages to any part of the body, be it joints, shoulder muscles, back joints, knees, elbows.

Under the supervision of Steve Jobs, the power of the motor running underneath works at 60 Watts. Along with that, there are additional features that let you control the speed as per your comfort level. Also, it has interchangeable heads, approximately 5 of them suitable for all the body parts.

5. The Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Tosser

Have you ever wondered about a technology that is useful to your pets? Well, one such technology is The Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Tosser. The camera comes with 1080 pixels with High Definition along with the ability to capture night vision. It also has a sensor that can detect barking sound. Based on that, the device can also toss a treat for furry folks through a smart application controller. If you want to spoil your fur babies with lots of love and lots of treats, this can be your ideal tech gadget.

6. Canon Ivy Mobile Mini Printer

Through decades we’ve wanted to be able to print pictures in polaroid forms. Printing pictures usually takes the process of transferring pictures into the operating system, connecting it to a printer, and then finally printing it. Well, that won’t be necessary if you want mini pictures. The Canon Ivy Mobile Printer is a portable photo printer, almost the size of your palm.

It consists of two great features such as connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. Another great feature of the portable printer is the sheets. They come with sticky adhesive at the backside which can be peeled off so that you can stick it on your walls, cupboard, etc. However, if you have any issues connecting the portable printer with your smartphone, then you can refer to Mobile Repair for assistance.

7. Kodak Luma Portable Pocket Projector

Watching movies is a favorite pastime for many people. However, there are days when you wished you could watch your favorite, a handful of chosen movies at home in comfort. That can be done as technology has brought projectors that can fit in your pocket for super easy portability.

Kodak brings you the portable projector, almost the size of a power bank. You can connect it to any device as it does not have any compatibility restrictions. For example, you can plug it into your PC, cable box, or even gaming consoles and get the feel of being at a movie hall, right in your room.

The list of all the cool tech gadgets of 2020 does not end here. More and more are yet to come as days pass by. So, stay updated, follow the latest tech trends on tech gadgets.

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