7 Best Items To Gift Your Special Customers

For the growth of a sustainable company, customer retention is always crucial. Why? Consumers have a lot of choices on where to buy goods and services. Remember, there are competitors around fighting for the same clients.

Besides outstanding customer care services and stunningly high-quality products, gifting your consumers leaves a more profound impression. It shows how much yu care about them.

Now, what do you think is the best gift for customers? At times, it can be challenging to settle down for an appropriate gift because of the variety of items present. However, it doesn’t have to be huge. Anything can express your appreciation, as long as it is done in an orderly manner.

The following are some ideas to help you figure out what to offer your clients.

Consider Non-Holiday Gifts

Many people associate gifting with festive seasons only. To be unique, consider sending appreciation tokens throughout the year. This is a gesture showing that you care for their business in all months. Your customers will also notice them, unlike in December when there are plenty of gifts.

Consider Personalizing Gifts

This involves knowing your customers. Know their hobbies and likes so you can get meaningful gifts for them. For instance, avoid sending wine to all your clients while one of them has repeatedly told you how they dislike it.

Limit Your Gifts

When choosing gifts, consider what the customer brings to your business in a year. For instance, if a customer spends $100 buying your products or services, sending them gifts worth double doesn’t make sense. Keep your gifts proportional to what the clients spend on your business.

Now that you have the ideas, below are some of the gifts you should consider sending to your customers.

1. Professional Notebooks

Most of your customers make great note-taking during the day. We suggest you get a good quality, preferably leather cover notebook. Let it have your company’s subtle logo on the front cover with your company’s color.

2. Bag

Perhaps you have this client that is frequently traveling. A branded bag will go a long way with them. Besides, this gift serves a dual purpose; a gift and a promotional material for your business. There are different qualities of bags, but if you have high-profile customers and want them to appreciate and use them, you should get high-quality branded bags. A leather bag can be a good deal.

3. Free vouchers

This is one of the ordinary gifts out in various companies. The vouchers can be used to buy products and services in your organization or other companies. It would help if you didn’t give them to all clients, but the selected few depending on the raffles draws. It is a good token of appreciation, and most of your clients will like and appreciate you.

4. Expense Paid Trips

Still, as a way of appreciating your customers for their loyalty, you can choose to give them an all-expense-paid trip to some memorable places. The destinations depend on your company’s size, so pay what you can afford without straining your finances.

This gift will surely be appreciated by all your clients, especially if the destination is attractive.

This gift is not restricted to hospitality companies, as many believe, but any company with the capacity can adopt it.

5. Assorted Electronics

If you are looking for a fantastic gift for your clients, simple electronics is the way to go regardless of their status. No one will fail to appreciate it if given an electronic device, especially those useful in both homes and offices. Some of these giftable electronics include wristwatches, microwave ovens, washing machines, laptops, refrigerators, and many more. Make sure you brand them before giving them out. Even though you can not give all of them, the selected few will appreciate it.

6. Artworks

Good quality artworks go a long way in appreciating your customers, especially high-profile ones. Getting them an attractive artwork is not only expensive but can also retain a particular client for as long as your business remains. Again, you can’t gift them all with the artwork but to a small group as you can afford. Indeed, none will fail to appreciate the piece.

7. Children’s Toys

If your customers’ demographic composition consists of young parents, children’s toys could be a go-to option. Indeed, none of them doesn’t likes surprising their kids with adorable gifts, which your company chooses to do on their behalf. It might seem too simple, but we are sure they will keep you in mind for a long time.

There are countless gift options for appreciating your clients. Don’t hesitate to send them one for their loyalty. Off the season gifts will do much, and you might be surprised to get multiple referrals immediately after. And as said, it doesn’t have to create a wide hole in your pocket.

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